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The pros and cons of keeping Jameis Winston at QB

20% of Saints fans think the team should stick with Winston.

NFL: Carolina Panthers at New Orleans Saints Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

Canal Street Chronicles recently ran a poll on Twitter to get Saints fans thoughts on what the team should do at quarterback. The overwhelming response was that they would like to see the team sign Derek Carr but coming in 2nd with 20% of the vote, some fans said that they would like to see the Saints stick with Jameis Winston next season. So, let's dive into the pros and cons of retaining Winston and what that could look like for the New Orleans Saints offensively.

Let’s start with the positives so we can eat the dessert first!


  • Jameis has exceptional arm strength and talent to for the most part to throw the ball very well down the field as evidenced by his 11.4 air yards per attempt.
  • Jameis is familiar with the system having run whatever Pete brought from Sean’s offense to Dennis offense.
  • Fantastic locker room presence. All his teammates seem to love him, and he truly seems to love the city of New Orleans as well.
  • Still fairly young (for a QB) and most likely much cheaper than bringing in a free agent upgrade.

All these things could play out well for the Saints but if many of the sentiments around the organization and the fanbase was the offensive issues, bringing Winston back could also lead to many of the same issues that fans and the organization had a problem with.


  • Jameis struggles majorly with decision making.
  • Jameis seems to miss easy reads in favor of trying to make the big play.
  • He loves to make the big throw but this in turn can lead to many poor throws and interceptions or incompletions in key moments.
  • His bad throw percentages in the past year in just a short amount of games was almost 21%.
  • Jameis had just 4 TDs to 5 INTs, which will never translate to success in today's game.
  • His interception % on the year was just barely below his % on the year in which he threw 30 INTs.
  • His touchdown percentage was also the lowest of his career at just 3.5%.
  • If Jameis is released after June 1st, then the Saints will save $12.8 million.

In short, not only can the Saints save more money by cutting Jameis post June 1st but I would argue it would be the best thing for the team as the pros of Jameis are far outweighed by the negatives. Many fans also agree, as the poll shows.

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