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How does Derek Carr fit in the Saints offense?

Now that the quarterback is in the Big Easy, let’s look at his fit for 2023.

NFL: New Orleans Saints-Derek Carr Press Conference Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

Derek Carr is officially a member of the New Orleans Saints.

Now that he’s running the show for the 2023 season, let’s look at how he fits into Pete Carmichael’s offense and where he can make it better.

Mike’s coming back

Now that the Saints have a younger, more competent quarterback, Michael Thomas is returning to the Black and Gold.

For a while, it felt like New Orleans was going to move on from him after only playing 10 games in the last three seasons, but the fact of the matter is the Saints need receivers and a lot of them.

As much as we all loved Chris Olave this year, he isn’t a #1 wideout. Michael Thomas played the first three games of the year before missing the rest of the season with a toe injury. So Olave had to step up and be the top guy.

With MT back in the fold, Olave can return to being the deep threat receiver that he is and with Derek Carr at QB, that unlocks a whole new dimension of the Saints’ offense that we haven't seen in years.

Carr can air the ball out.

Just like we discussed at the end of that first part, the Saints have been without the ability to launch passes 50+ yards down the field. Derek Carr has been known throughout his career as a quarterback who can air it out with solid accuracy as well.

With guys like Olave and Shaheed, the Saints have multiple deep threats that will spread the field and open up running lanes and the screen game.

I’m incredibly intrigued to see what Derek Carr will be able to do in the Saints offense as well as finding out just what kind of offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael is. Because if he can’t do it with a good quarterback, can he do it at all?

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