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New Orleans Saints 2023 team betting futures

The Saints team futures for the upcoming 2023 NFL season taken from DraftKings Sportsbook.

New Orleans Saints v Philadelphia Eagles
Dennis Allen is building his team, for better or worse
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NFL betting does not start and stop with the games. For instance, sportsbooks are currently releasing teams betting lines for various totals in the upcoming season. These bets are commonly called “futures” by the sportsbook. Each bet will also use the standard $100 line. For instance, if a number has a plus, it means wagering $100 will win that amount. If a +1000 line with a $100 wager hits, the bettor can expect to win $1,000. If the line is a negative number, then it means that is the amount needed to bet to win $100. A -150 bet needs $150 on the line to win $100. Negative numbers are generally considered “favorites” to win. The Saints are going into the upcoming season with changes all around, so the futures are interesting in a lot of ways. All betting lines are taken from the DraftKings Sportsbook. These are the- betting futures for the 2023 New Orleans Saints.

2023 New Orleans Saints team futures

One of the most common NFL futures for all teams is team win totals. Fans and analysts often use these win totals to predict how a team will finish the upcoming season. This line is expressed as an over or under type bet. With the line at 9.5 over or under, anyone betting the over would need the Saints to hit that double-digit win total. Just 10 wins would be the most wins that the team has achieved since the 2020 season and would likely result in a playoff berth. Regarding the playoffs, every team will eventually have odds to make the playoffs. This early in the off-season it is rare to already have the line. Although, with the Saints having such high-profile turnover this off-season, they are one of just three teams with current odds listed to make the playoffs. With a negative number, the Saints are currently favored to make the playoffs at -170, which is better than average.

Super Bowl LVII - Winning Head Coach and MVP Press Conference
The Saints are currently the fifth favorite NFC team to make 2024 Super Bowl
Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

With the team being forecast to make the playoffs by the sportsbooks, the next odds to consider would be the NFC Champion and Super Bowl winner. Another surprising number is the Saints odds to win the NFC, especially after the last two season’s finishes. There are only four teams with better odds than the Saints to win the conference championship. At +1400, the odds are still a longshot, but stranger things have happened in the NFL. Even though the Saints have the fifth best odds to win the NFC, the team currently ranks 15th to win the actual Super Bowl at +3500. The sportsbooks obviously heavily favor the AFC next season with 11 teams in the top 15.


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What the odds predict for the Saints season

The rest of free agency and the upcoming 2023 NFL Draft could very well tip these lines one way or another. As of now, the upcoming season’s outlook seems positive. With around 10 wins predicted, the Saints are actually favored to win the NFC South at +110. This is a slight longshot, but NFL lines can often be right around even. It is still better than every other team in the NFC South though. The Carolina Panthers are predicted to finish second in the division at +330 while the Atlanta Falcons sit at third with +380 odds. Coming in last is the rival Tampa Bay Buccaneers at +500, a far cry from their finishes the last two seasons. This is in line with the win totals for each team. Both the Panthers and Falcons over or under sit at seven and a half. The Buccaneers are one game worse at just six and a half wins predicted for the year.

Carolina Panthers v New Orleans Saints
If the sportsbooks are to be believed, the NFC South will come down to the Saints and Panthers
Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Futures still on the board

There are still individual futures for Saints players which are forthcoming. With plentiful turnover, returning players, and many storylines surrounding the team, player futures are sure to be of interest for fans and bettors alike. The team goes with its players though, so there will likely be several bright spots among the slew of high-profile players making up the team now. As far as the team though, the guys in Las Vegas have already laid out a positive outlook. These have been the New Orleans Saints team futures for the upcoming 2023 season.

New Orleans Saints Introduce Quarterback Derek Carr
Smile if you have decent odds to win the MVP next season
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