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Should the Saints trade down in the draft?

Let’s look at some options should the Saints choose to trade down from number 29.

NFL: Las Vegas Raiders at New Orleans Saints Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, we covered what the New Orleans Saints should do if they decide to pick at 29th in the upcoming draft. Today we are going to go over another option in our Twitter poll. 18% of voters said that they would want to trade down from no. 29 and attain more assets, so let's look at a few possible options, IF the Saints were to go that route.

1. Steelers go get another weapon for Pickett- The Pittsburgh Steelers should to continue looking for weapons for Kenny Pickett and the offense especially with the slow decline of Najee Harris. In this scenario they have a number 1 pick in the second round but could be tempted to move up 3 spots for a 3rd or a 4th. The Saints would only move down 3 spots and acquire a very good draft value pick in the 3rd or 4th.

Trade Details: Pitt sends No 32 and a 2024 3rd to the Saints for No 29

2. Ravens keep Lamar and finally get him a true receiver- If the Baltimore Ravens decide to actually keep their franchise QB, they need to finally get some receiver help because Mark Andrews just isn't enough to be a real threat in the playoffs. Receivers like Hyatt, Downs, Flowers etc. could all be available at no 29 and if the Ravens truly believe in Lamar, they could be willing to pay a handsome fee for the first-round pick.

Trade Details: Baltimore sends a 2025 first, a 2024 second and third and No 86 for No 29 and No 165 from the Saints.

3. Chiefs love their speed receivers- The Kansas City Chiefs have a theme of draft the fastest receiver possible they can get their hands on. Jalen Hyatt is as deep a threat as they come and is projected to start going around No 28. If the Chiefs connote to like their downfield guys they may be willing to move up 2 spots. The Saints could get a 3rd or even a second from the Chiefs for 2024. The Chiefs would get their downfield threat of the future to pair with Sky Moore and the Saints add assets for a team badly in need of depth.

Trade Details: Kansas City sends No 31 and a 2024 2nd/2024 3rd for No 29 from the Saints.

4. Rams give it one last shot with Stafford/McVay- Sean McVay apparently genuinely considered retiring this offseason. He ultimately decided to return for a last shot with Stafford according to reports. Even with Cooper Kupp, the LA Rams lacked reliable play making at receiver. If they are truly going for it, one last time they might be willing to move up a few spots from their second rounder and give up some major assets to do so.

Trade Details: Rams send No 36, No 77 and a 2024 4th for No 31 and a 2024 5th from the Saints.

These are just a few options that the Saints should listen to should those teams come calling for No 29. I am personally a fan of trading down and getting more pieces, especially when we have a few holes to fill and are not picking early in the first-round courtesy of the trade with Philly.

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