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One thing the Saints can’t do in 2023

The Saints will have high expectations going into the 2023 season and must not fail to meet them.

NFL: JAN 01 Saints at Eagles Photo by Gregory Fisher/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

With the arrival of Derek Carr, the Saints now have the best QB in the division once again. I know this isn’t saying much given the other three quarterbacks in the NFC South, but despite this the New Orleans Saints still should be the presumptive favorite to win their division. As such, one thing they simply cannot do in 2023 is remain healthy and still fail to make the playoffs.

Injuries have long plagued the Saints, with key players like Michael Thomas essentially missing three seasons due to injury, but this year, more will be at stake since the Saints will be the ones with the pressure on them to come out of the NFC South. The Saints are currently +120 to win the NFC South, while the Panthers have the second-best odds at +330.

Take away the QBs and the Saints still have arguably the best roster in the division. The Falcons did add solid players like Jesse Bates III and Calais Campbell, and the Buccaneers have many pieces still from their Super Bowl team just three seasons ago, but the Saints still boast the most Pro Bowlers currently on a roster in the NFC South. The Panthers have also added good players in free agency, and currently have the #1 overall pick in the draft. However, given that the Saints will sport much more continuity with their roster when compared to the Panthers and Falcons, and the track record of rookie quarterbacks assuming the Panthers take a QB first overall, the Saints still should be expected to come out on top in the NFC South. Rosters aside as well, the Saints are looking at the easiest schedule in the NFL in 2023 based opponent record in 2022. The Saints will play just one team this season that won double digit games last season, that team being the Minnesota Vikings.

Anything can happen in the NFL of course, that’s why they play the game, and the 2023 season God forbid may be derailed by a number of things including injuries or suspensions in the case of Alvin Kamara. If this team remains healthy and intact for the most part throughout the season, a failure to win the division in 2023 could signal a tumultuous offseason in 2024.

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