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3 controversial takes about the New Orleans Saints

The CSC team doesn’t hold back on these hot takes.

New Orleans Saints v Cleveland Browns Photo by Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

Today, the Canal Street Chronicles team has three hot takes about the New Orleans Saints.

Jonny’s take: Paulson Adebo is a liability in coverage and is just a bad CB.

The former Stanford Cardinal is one of the most overrated players on the team. This started as soon as his rookie year. Most of the fanbase considered it a great rookie year, and better than the likes of Pete Werner. Adebo was seen as good because he had a couple of flashy picks and deflections.

However, fans fail to realize he allowed a ton of yards in coverage. Per PlayerProfiler, he allowed 44 receptions, 656 passing yards, and 5 TDs in coverage. These stats can vary from site to site, so you must look at multiple. Rotowire had Adebo responsible for 46 receptions, 686 passing yards, and four TDs. Both sites universally agree he gave up around 600+ yards.

It was his rookie year, and he showed some flashes, so it was hard to be as critical. However, you would hope he would improve in his sophomore year and eliminate mistakes.

Adebo, unfortunately, did the exact opposite. He looked absolutely lost when playing. Both sites had him giving up over 550+ yards in only 13 games. Opposing offenses would constantly pick on Adebo, and it would work. If the team wants any success this year, they have to have him play limited snaps.

Hayden K’s take: Derek Carr is a top 2 QB in the NFC

Now before the comment section goes crazy, this is on the notion that Aaron Rodgers goes to the Jets so put your pitch forks away. Obviously after the season Jalen Hurts just had, I have him as the top guy in the NFC, but after that it gets really murky. Dak led the league in INTs despite playing only 12 games. Kirk Cousins still can’t win a primetime game when it matters. Carr had a down year yes, but people forget how good he can be in a good system and with the right talent around him.

In 2021, Carr threw for 4800 yards and 23 TDs while virtually having no consistent weapons. In 2020, he threw for 27 TDs to only 9 INTs while again dealing with a horrible defense and no healthy weapons. Now Justin Fields is certainly on the rise and Kyler Murray is supremely talented when he is focused but I need to see more from Fields and Kyler before I put them in that convo. Stafford was hurt all last year and underperformed majorly even questioning retirement. With ARod all but gone from the NFC, the door is open for DC to establish himself as a top 2 guy in the conference.

Gregory’s take: Alvin Kamara should never play another down for the Saints

Alvin Kamara is a Saints legend. His contributions to the team should not be undersold, but at this point in his career, it is time for the Saints to look elsewhere for backfield production. On the field, Kamara will be 28 this season, the usual year of decline for running backs. Last year, Kamara was also incredibly mediocre when the Saints needed him the most. Kamara had the lowest receiving yards per game in his career. He produced the lowest amount of first downs in his career. In yards per carry, Kamara had his two worst seasons the last two years. The Saints have always been able to identify running back value in the NFL Draft and this should be the year that Kamara’s replacement is drafted.

Of course, this take also has to include Kamara’s off-field issues. Kamara pleaded not guilty to battery charges in Las Vegas in March. The video evidence is damning for Kamara though, who is seen being the aggressor to a lone man who was greatly outnumbered. Another video shows Kamara bragging about the battery as well, almost proving his guilt. Even if the court case is thrown out or settled though, the NFL court has no such outs. Expect the NFL to hand down a suspension for several games. If Kamara is set to miss half the year along with his contract basically being done with the Saints after next season, it is likely time the Saints look elsewhere.

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