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Celebrate the Saints draft with apparel

Check out Saints apparel with Homage!

With the NFL draft in full swing, the regular season is just a few short months away. The Saints themselves are preparing for the regular season, drafting Clemson defensive tackle Bryan Bresee on day 1 of the NFL draft. You, too, can get prepared for the regular season with Saints apparel from our friends at Homage.

Homage has every type of Saints apparel you could need. With sweatshirts, hoodies, t-shirts, and jackets, these Saints clothes are perfect for any weather. Not only does the Saints apparel share your love for the New Orleans Saints, but it also celebrates cultural touchstones of New Orleans, with some shirts celebrating the jazz scene in New Orleans and others featuring an image of the Super Dome.

At the time of writing, Homage currently has a site-wide 40% off sale to celebrate the NFL draft. While we wait for Days 2 and 3 of the NFL draft, you can order your Homage Saints gear today!