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CSC Poll: Should the Saints trade for Raiders WR Hunter Renfrow?

Renfrow was one of Derek Carr’s favorite targets with the Raiders.

Las Vegas Raiders v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Gaelen Morse/Getty Images

Earlier this week, we asked New Orleans Saints fans if they would like to see the Saints make a trade for Las Vegas Raiders WR Hunter Renfrow. It was a very split decision, with 54.6 percent of fans saying no and 45.4 percent saying yes.

Reports were swirling about Renfrow being unhappy in his current situation in Vegas and many believe he won’t play another game for the Raiders. With the Saints signing Derek Carr this offseason, the Saints became one of the front runners to land Renfrow. The only question is, should they do it?

A lot of fans who said no think the Saints already have a deep receiver room and would like the see how A.T. Perry, Bryan Edwards and James Washington perform in camp before taking a shot at Renfrow. They also point towards the lack of depth on the D-line and linebacker positions and think the Saints should focus their attention on adding playmakers there.

Those who want the Saints to make a move for Renfrow say he would add yet another playmaker to the Saints repertoire and a combination of Michael Thomas, Chris Olave, Hunter Renfrow and Rasheed Shahid would be impossible to stop.

There’s a very good case for both sides but ultimately, I’m leaning towards not trading for him.

Since entering the league in 2019, Renfrow became one of Carr’s favorite targets on the Raiders. In his first three seasons, Renfrow logged 208 catches for 2,299 yards and 15 touchdowns. The addition of Davante Adams and some injury issues caused Renfrow's production to dip in 2022, where he totaled just 36 catches for 330 yards and two touchdowns in 10 games.

There’s no doubt that when he’s healthy, Renfrow can be a very solid WR2, but do the Saints really need him? Their WR room consists of Michael Thomas, Chris Olave, Rasheed Shahid, A.T. Perry, Bryan Edwards, Trequan Smith and James Washington. That right there is seven receivers who are good enough to make the 53-man roster, and the Saints usually carry only six receivers. Renfrow is a better pass catcher than Smith, Edwards and Washington, but those guys bring blocking and speed that Renfrow doesn’t have.

Renfrow also has a hefty cap hit for 2023, coming in at just over 13 million which is about one million under Michael Thomas’ cap hit for this season. The Saints have the money to be able to sign him, but is it worth it for a guy who could end up as the WR3 or WR4?

The Saints have made a concerted effort to put offensive talent on the field since Sean Payton left, drafting and signing guys such as Chris Olave, Jarvis Landry, Foster Moreau, A.T. Perry, Bryan Edwards and James Washington. They’ve given Carr all the offensive weapons he could ask for and have done it without breaking the bank. To add Renfrow, you’re spending a lot of money for someone who doesn’t make your offense that much better. They still have holes at linebacker and on the defensive line that would be a much better use of their money. While adding Renfrow wouldn’t hurt the team, I think it would be a luxury addition and with needs elsewhere, I don’t think it would make a lot of sense.

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