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Saints Super Bowl odds after the NFL Draft

Odds that the Saints will win next season’s Super Bowl after the NFL Draft.

Minnesota Vikings v New Orleans Saints
Odds that the Saints can have another Lombardi Float after the NFL Draft
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Free agency and the NFL Draft can remake rosters quickly. Last season, the Philadelphia Eagles made several splash moves and ended up in the Super Bowl. The sportsbooks keep up with these changes and make team projections throughout the year. These bets are commonly called “futures.” Each bet will also use the standard $100 line. For instance, if a number has a plus, it means wagering $100 will win that amount. If a +1000 line with a $100 wager hits, the bettor can expect to win $1,000. If the line is a negative number, then it means that is the amount needed to bet to win $100. A -150 bet needs $150 on the line to win $100. Negative numbers are generally considered “favorites” to win. All betting lines are taken from the DraftKings Sportsbook. These are the 2023 New Orleans Saints odds at the Super Bowl, including conference and playoff chances.

NFL: APR 27 2023 Draft
Is there a good chance that the Saints could party with the Lombardi after next season?
Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

New Orleans Saints odds to win the Super Bowl

Team futures in the NFL can be affected throughout the year. Player changes, coach changes, injuries, and suspensions often play into these odds. For the Saints, the current odds to win the 2023 Super Bowl sits at +3500. This is the same odds that the Saints had after the signing of Derek Carr. Oddly, these odds for the Saints did not change at all after the 2023 NFL Draft. The sportsbooks were not overly impressed by the Saints draft; however, the team was not downgraded either. After free agency, the Saints had the 15th best odds to win the Super Bowl. Currently, the Saints have the 14th best odds to win the Super Bowl, so they have moved up some in these rankings slightly.

The Saints might be 14th to win the Super Bowl overall but among the NFC only the odds look better. Only five teams are ahead of the Saints from the NFC. This means the Saints actually sit at just +1300 to win the NFC, sixth overall. The teams in front of the Saints are the Eagles, San Francisco 49ers, Dallas Cowboys, Detroit Lions, and Seattle Seahawks. Arguably, there are only two teams on this list that were significantly better than the Saints last season, the Eagles and Niners. The hype around teams like the Cowboys, Lions, and Seahawks has elevated them greatly, but that could very well make the Saints a bargain at +1300 to win the conference. Healthy teams that get hot at the right time have been known to run through the playoffs.

Boston Bruins v Nashville Predators
All odds taken from our friends over at DraftKings Sportsbook who stay on top of these odds throughout the year
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Saints playoff odds

One of the most interesting futures for the Saints is their odds to make the playoffs. There is an actual negative number on these odds, which indicate that this is the expected outcome. The Saints are -195 to make the playoffs. This is almost 2/1 odds to be in the postseason for a team that only won seven games last season. The Saints off-season moves along with a third-place schedule surely plays into these odds. If the Saints can win the uncertain NFC South, there would only be a few games to go before the Super Bowl.

It is a testament to the rebuild that the Saints are even in the running for any of these finishes next season. The best valued team future on the board is likely the +1300 to win the conference. If the sportsbooks are expecting the Saints to be in the playoffs already, winning just a few more games will cash these long odds. Stranger things have happened in the NFL, and the Saints could be in just the right position to make a run next season.

Carolina Panthers v New Orleans Saints
There will be no excuses left for Dennis Allen should they fail this season
Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

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