Recap of the Most Memorable New Orleans Saints Games in History

With the 2023-24 NFL season approaching fast, now is a great time to recap some of the best and most memorable New Orleans Saints games. Whether you’re a diehard Saints supporter or a casual NFL fan, you’ll love this nostalgic trip down memory lane. Here, you can read all about the most memorable Saints games and more.

Where Can You Watch the New Orleans Saints?

Before starting a recap of some all-time classic Saints games, you might want to know where you can watch the New Orleans Saints when the 2023-24 NFL season starts.

If you can’t attend games in person at the Caesars Superdome, then the next best option you have is to stream Saints games. In the age of sports streaming, NFL fans are truly spoilt for choice. Here are the main platforms that you can use to stream Saints and other NFL games:

  • ESPN

  • FOX

  • NBC

  • CBS

  • NFL Network

In case you didn’t know already, the NFL Network is a premium subscription service that anyone can subscribe to. After starting a subscription plan, you can watch all of the NFL action throughout the season — including Saints games.

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Now, let’s do a recap of the top 5 New Orleans Saints games in history. You won’t want to miss a detail!

  1. Super Bowl XLIV: Saints 31, Colts 17 (2010)

In 2010, the Saints won their first (and only) Super Bowl Championship by beating the Indianapolis Colts 31-17.

Going into the Super Bowl XLIV, the Saints were very much underdogs. Nobody — not even the diehard Saints fans – expected them to win in the style that they did.

After the game concluded, New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees was named the Super Bowl MVP, which was the cherry on the cake after a magical season for the Saints.

Over a decade since the best win in Saints’ history, the Saints have yet to come close to winning another Super Bowl. However, Saints fans continue to dream that it’ll happen again soon!

  1. Saints 20, Steelers 16 (1987)

In 1987, the Saints defeated the Steelers with only minutes to spare. It was a historical victory for a number of different reasons, but mainly because it was the secured the Saints’ first-ever winning season. Quarterback Bobby Herbert and linebackers Rickey Jackson and Sam Mills were pivotal in this and are now regarded as Saints legends.

  1. Saints 23, Falcons 3 (2006)

This resounding victory over the Falcons in 2006 is fondly remembered by most Saints fans for being one of the best games in the team’s history.

Because of the famous Hurricane Katrina, the Saints had spent the 2005-2006 season playing home games in other teams’ stadiums. Finally, though, the Saints were able to return to the Caesars Superdome in the 2006-2007 season.

In their first game back at the Superdome, the Saints put on a defensive masterclass, winning 23-3 in the end.

  1. Saints 31, Vikings 28 (2010)

This 2010 classic between the Saints and Vikings saw the action go to overtime. After winning the toss, Pierre Thomas’ long kick return put the Saints in a very strong position. Then, Garret Hartley hit 40-yarder to secure a position for the Saints in the Super Bowl XLIV Championship final, which they ultimately won. It was also a magic moment because it was four years since the Saints had returned to their iconic Superdome stadium, so this moment was well overdue.

  1. Saints 23, Panthers 20 (2005)

The opening game of the 2006-2006 NFL season marked the 4th anniversary of 9/11, so it was a very passionate and patriotic occasion. As the clock was ticking down, quarterback Aaron Brooks led the offense down the field before John Carney blasted a 47-yard field goal during the final play. On the anniversary of 9/11 and in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, this gave fans something special to cheer about — even though the remainder of the season wasn’t great in terms of results for the Saints!

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