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Saints legend Marques Colston shares interesting thoughts on OC Pete Carmichael

Colston has high praise and faith for his former OC

New York Giants v New Orleans Saints Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Former New Orleans Saints receiver and Super Bowl champion Marques Colston sat down with for a wide-ranging discussion that was released Wednesday morning.

Colston discussed his history with Saints Offensive Coordinator Pete Carmichael. Carmichael was Colston’s offensive coordinator during his tenure with the team (2006-2015).

It’s safe to say that Colston and Carmichael are very familiar with each other after nine seasons of working together. Even after a troublesome 2022 season for the Saints offense, Colston still regards Carmichael as one of the league’s best coordinators.

Dallas Cowboys v New Orleans Saints Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

“Not only does (Carmichael) have staying power, the offense has been a top ten offense pretty much every year he’s been there.”

Carmichael has been with New Orleans since 2006 as a quarterbacks coach and then eventually to offensive coordinator in 2009. In his first season as offensive coordinator, Carmichael and head coach Sean Payton won the franchise’s first Super Bowl.

Carmichael’s roster will feature some new faces that were added through free agency, the NFL Draft, and some key returns from injury reserve. Colston notes that the added stability in 2023 will have a notable impact on Carmichael’s ability to run the offense.

Colston’s comments are a great reminder of the unfortunate hand Carmichael was dealt last season.

His starting quarterback was injured and did not return to full potential, his star receiver and WR3 were injured almost the entire season, and the offensive line sustained multiple injuries. In theory, a healthy 2023 offense loaded with new weapons and returning stars should result in a much more efficient Saints offense in 2023.

“I think when you give Pete all of those pieces and give him stability, that’s when he’s really able to shine.”

You can watch Marques Colston’s full interview with NOF here.

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