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NFL Draft RAS Roundup: How the Saints draftees faired on the Relative Athletic Score test

The Saints 2023 draft class had the 3rd highest RAS average across the entire NFL.

NFL: APR 28 2023 Draft Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The New Orleans Saints have a type when it comes to the NFL Draft. They have always been big proponents of drafting uber athletic players no matter their position. In fact, they haven’t drafted a single player that scored under a 7.00 on the Relative Athletic Score since 2017.

The RAS test takes into account multiple factors including size, explosiveness, speed and agility to give teams a relative score on how athletic a prospect is based on their position. While the test can’t account for experience or football IQ, it gives the teams an idea on the best athletes in each draft class.

If you ever want an idea of who the Saints might draft, go online and take a look at the prospects who rank higher than an 8.00 on the RAS test. While the Saints have drafted players with a lower score in the past, most of the prospects they draft score well over an 8.00 on the RAS test.

Unfortunately, two Saints draftees this year, Kendre Miller and Jake Haener did not qualify for the RAS test, but we can still take a look at how the rest of the class faired on the RAS test.

Round One: Bryan Bresee (9.61)

Bresee earned a total score of a 9.61 on the RAS. He scored “good” on the relative size grade, with a 9.75 in height, 5.17 in weight and a 3.59 on the bench press. While those stats don’t seem great, he scored in the “elite” tier for both speed and agility. His 4.86 40-yard dash earned him a 9.60 grade and his 10-yard split of 1.65 earned him a 9.78. His overall grade of a 9.60 ranked above other DT prospect Calijah Kancey who has been praised as one of the most athletic DTs we’ve seen in a long time. While a little undersized, Bresee makes up for it in his speed and agility at the DT position.

Round Two: Isaiah Foskey (9.61)

Foskey scored the exact some as Bresee on the RAS, posting a score of 9.61 - enough for fourth best of all defensive ends in the 2023 Draft. He also earned a “good” grade in size, coming in at 6’5, 261 while being awarded with an “elite” grade in speed. His 40-yard dash separated himself from most edge rushers, running a 4.58 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine.

To show just how athletic the Saints like their edge rushers to be, Marcus Davenport scored a 9.66, Payton Turner scored a 9.73 and Cam Jordan scored an 8.86.

Round Four: Nick Saldiveri (9.47)

Saldiveri was a surprising pick to most, but when you look at his RAS score and his ability to play all across the O-line, it makes a lot more sense. He scored a 9.47 (which would’ve been a 9.87 as a guard) on the RAS, good enough for sixth best of all offensive tackles in the draft, including earning “great” grades in both speed and explosion. He had an elite 10-yard split of 1.7 seconds, broad jump of 9 feet 3 inches and vertical of 31 inches. His athleticism and versatility will make him an asset on the Saints offensive line.

Round Four: Jordan Howden (8.88)

Howden is the “outlier” of the group...sort of. He still scored an 8.88 on the RAS score which ranked him 10th out of qualifying free safeties. The reason his score is below a 9.00 is his size, receiving an “okay” grade for his 5’11, 203-pound stature. He received a grade over 8.50 on his 40-yard dash, 10 and 20-yard splits and his vertical. Although he may be undersize, he has elite athleticism which ultimately led the Saints to drafting him.

For perspective, former Saints safety draftees Marcus Williams (8.16) and Kenny Vaccaro (7.98) both had a much lower score than Howden.

Round Six: A.T. Perry (9.62)

Last but certainly not least, A.T. Perry. He scored the highest of all Saints draftees with a 9.62. His 6’3 frame earned him a 9.17, but that wasn’t his most impressive score. His 1.5 second 10-yard split and 11-foot, 1-inch broad jump was good enough for a 9.74 and 9.86 respectively. Nobody that’s 6’3 should be able to be that explosive and quick.

Chris Olave (8.64) and Michael Thomas (9.12) both received lower grades on the RAS test than A.T. Perry.

Overall Class Average: 9.44

With an average of a 9.44 RAS score, the Saints 2023 draft class had the third highest RAS average across the entire NFL. Only the Jets and Colts had a higher average at 9.64 and 9.48 respectively.

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