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Get to know the CSC staff: Luke Hubbard

This week we feature the newest member of the CSC staff: Luke Hubbard

NFL: New Orleans Saints-Derek Carr Press Conference Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

Hey everyone, my name is Luke Hubbard and I’m one of the writers at CSC. I grew up in Richmond, Virginia, but I moved to Baton Rouge in 2020 to attend LSU. Since then, I’ve gotten the chance to live my dream working for LSU Athletics while covering the Saints and LSU as a journalist.

I just graduated from LSU in December with a degree in Sports Administration and currently intern with their Athletic Communications department. We have about 14 interns who help out across all of LSU’s teams doing things such as running social medias, assisting with local media, helping with press conferences and more. My main sports this past year were indoor volleyball and softball, but we all help out with other sports when needed.

Outside of that, I write for CSC and an LSU news outlet called Death Valley Voice. I’ve always known I wanted to do something with sports, but recently discovered my passion for writing. CSC and DVV have given me the platform to begin my writing career while also gaining experience in the Athletic Communications field.

As a little kid, I was a huge Brett Favre fan, but when he retired the first time, I didn’t know which team to be a fan of. I had always liked really good QBs as a kid, but my dad sat me down and told me I needed to pick a team and stick with them. He’s been a Cowboys fan his whole life, but he also told me to pick any team except the Cowboys, so I didn’t have to go through all the pain they’ve caused him since 90’s. I really liked Payton Manning and Drew Brees, and I don’t know exactly what drew me to the Saints at eight years old, but I ended up choosing the New Orleans Saints as my team.

Unfortunately, since I was only eight years old when the Saints won the first Super Bowl in franchise history, I don’t remember much of it. I just remember watching the onside kick in the SB at my friend Alex’s house and watching Tracey Porter pick off Manning to clinch the Super Bowl. To this day, I try to relive it by watching highlight from that season, but it’s nowhere near the same as witnessing one live when you’ve dedicated your life to one team.

Since then, I have let a bunch of 23–40-year-old men control my emotions every fall, but I’m totally okay with that. The Saints have become my life just like they have for many of you reading this.

My first Saints game I attended in person was against the Falcons in week 16 in the Dome. Down 20-7 with 14:54 left in the game, Brees tried to find Jimmy Graham over the middle for a touchdown, but he fumbled. After reviewing it, the refs decided he didn’t cross the goal line (even though I’m 99% sure it was a touchdown) with the ball and the Falcons took over possession. After that, the Falcons would punt and the Saints would score a touchdown that would’ve been to take the lead, but instead, it winded up being a meaningless touchdown in a 30-14 loss that eliminated us from the playoffs.

So here we sit in 2023, one missed pass interference away from witnessing my first real Super Bowl as a Saints fan. The only good thing that came from that is the next one will be just that much sweeter. The Who Dat Nation are some of the best fans in all of sports, and I’m so glad my eight-year-old self-decided to become a Saints fan.

If you have any questions or comments, drop them below and I’ll respond to all of them. Thanks for continuing to read our articles at CSC, we would be nothing without all of you!

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