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Get to know: RB Alvin Kamara

Who is he and why 2023 is a major year for the Pro Bowl back?

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Alvin Kamara.

One of the league's most electric players.

How did he come to be?

Who is Alvin Kamara?

Alvin Kamara was drafted to New Orleans in 2017 as the 67th overall pick in which the New Orleans Saints traded up to get. The running back out of Tennessee immediately hit the ground running in his first season as a Saint, breaking records and earning OROY along with an All-Pro selection.

Since then, Kamara has had some elite seasons, having led the league in touchdowns in 2020, achieving a top five position in all-purpose yards in multiple seasons and catching over 80 passes in four consecutive years. These numbers allowed Kamara to be recognized as one of the NFL’s most lethal offensive weapons.

However, the past few seasons have been a rough stretch for #41. Kamara’s numbers have dipped drastically from what we are accustomed to as fans. In the past two seasons, Kamara has hit career lows in YPC with disappointing numbers of 3.7 and 4. This translated into the receiving game as well catching a combined 104 passes in that span as well. Much of this has to do with the teams struggles with injury and inconsistencies at the quarterback position. With Derek Carr at the helm this year, it shouldn’t surprise us if Kamara can return back to the player we all know him to be.

Legal Troubles

Kamara is expected to face some sort of suspension this season due to an incident in which he was involved in, in Las Vegas in 2022. Many expect Kamara to serve around a six-game suspension at some point but the team has done a great job of building depth in the case of his absence.


Kamara is one the third year of his 5-year, $75 million contract that he signed in 2020. The outlook for Kamara’s future looks a little shaky when you put things into perspective. Kamara is coming off of two down years and has a suspension possibly looming this year. The Saints upgraded the running back position adding last year’s touchdown leader Jamal Williams and drafting TCU’s Kendre Miller this off-season. It’s very hard to see a future with all three backs in rotation especially with the superstar that Alvin Kamara is. It’s hard to say that there are enough touches for everyone. The Saints, however, were notorious for exactly this for a while. Having three sometimes four running backs all equally in the fold, but ever since Kamara has entered the league. the team has stuck to a one-two punch system in the running back room.

2023 is a defining year for Kamara’s future. Hopefully he can revive his career and quiet the noise.