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Get to know the CSC staff: Jonny Camer

This week we feature the youngest member of the CSC staff: Jonny Camer

NFL: DEC 27 Dolphins at Saints Photo by Ken Murray/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Hello, Who Dat Nation I’m Jonny Camer. I’m probably the youngest writer of CSC. I’m a rising senior at James Madison University studying Sports and Recreation Management. My entire life has been about sports. I played baseball from the time I was five years old to the end of high school. That’s why I knew I wanted to be involved with sports when I left high school.

I’ve had a wide variety of experiences in the sports world, from being a camp counselor as a teen to my current internship as the Assistant GM of a collegiate summer league baseball team. This fall, I will be serving as an assistant in JMU football’s scouting department. I have a huge passion for scouting, and I’m super excited to take on this role in the fall.

I always had a passion for expressing my views and takes about sports. I started various YouTube channels, one of which was about the New Orleans Saints. However, I started to find real success when I was introduced to my first writing gig. Jeremy Trottier, who serves as the social media coordinator here, got me a job at Fansided’s WhoDatDish and I wrote for them for almost two years before coming here.

Writing has given me the outlet to express my love for my team. It’s made me work harder as a fan and an analyst. My football knowledge has grown drastically over the past two years.

I became a Saints fan in 2011 when I went to Blockbuster to rent Madden 11. Of course, the legendary Drew Brees was on the cover. I was only about ten years old and knew nothing about football. Brees was a high overall, and I would always trade for him or use the Saints. After doing some research into all of the good deeds Brees has done and my love of using him in the game, I decided to become a New Orleans Saints fan. Over time my passion and love for this team has grown.

Being a Saints fan has been challenging, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Being a fan of this team has led me to meet extraordinary people and kick-start my career as a professional. I hope to go to New Orleans one day as the atmosphere looks incredible. I’m sure I’m in for a treat if it’s anything like the amazing people I’ve met in the Saints community.

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