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Canal Street Spotlights: Jeremy R.

Welcome to Week 1 of Canal Street Spotlights. This week, we interview Jeremy R, who talks about how he became a Saints fan and his favorite players!

Seattle Seahawks v New Orleans Saints Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Fans. The lifeblood of every NFL organization, never mind every sports organization as a whole. The New Orleans Saints are notorious for having some of, if not the best fans in sports, packing Caesars Superdome every week and hitting noise levels barely comprehensible to human ears.

With that, we have decided to start a new series called Canal Street Spotlights, in which we will interview Saints fans. The hope for this series is to give fans a chance to express themselves, explain why they became Saints fans in the first place, and relive some of their favorite moments. To start off this series, we had the pleasure of speaking with Jeremy R. (@Jramezz), asking about how he became a fan, his favorite players/moments, and much more! So, without further ado, let us get right into the interview.

CSC: Please tell us a bit about yourself! We want to give you a chance to first give readers an idea of who you are, what you enjoy, etc.

Jeremy R: My name is Jeremy, I was born and raised in San Diego and currently still live and work in San Diego. I’m a pretty simple guy, just enjoy my family time and sports.

CSC: How did you first become a Saints fan? Did you somewhat inherit it through your family/region you live in, or is there another story behind it?

Jeremy R: Growing up in San Diego my family, but mainly it’s my mom, who was a die-hard San Diego Chargers fan. She and my dad had season tickets for a while! But growing up watching the Chargers and getting into football I absolutely loved watching Drew Brees, and unfortunately remember when he got hurt in the game vs the Broncos and just being devastated. But going into that offseason I made a decision, wherever Drew goes I follow.

But also, growing up in San Diego we had a pretty good running back that played High School football at Helix High School & went on to play at USC, his name was Reggie Bush, and I was a huge fan of his! So, when Drew Brees signed with the Saints in the offseason of 2006 and then comes the NFL Draft and the Saints selected Reggie Bush with the 2nd pick, I decided I’m going to become a proud fan of the New Orleans Saints, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made.

CSC: What was your favorite moment to witness in Saints history? Either via TV or in person, feel free to do both if you’ve attended games!

Jeremy R: I think it’s pretty clear what my favorite moment is in Saints history… when Tracy Porter picks off Peyton Manning and took it 74 yards for a touchdown! I just remember that moment watching it with my family and running out of my parents’ house and screaming!

I’ve attended 5 Saints games in my life! 4 on the road! (San Diego, Seattle, and Arizona twice!) and went to New Orleans in 2018 for the first time! Plan on going back this season for a game!!

CSC: Do you have a favorite player/player of all time? If so, who? Also, who are your favorites on the current roster?

Jeremy R: Clearly, Drew Brees and Reggie Bush but I really loved Marques Colston! But my favorite players on this team are Michael Thomas, Alvin Kamara, Demario Davis, Chris Olave, and Rashid Shaheed, especially since both are from San Diego! Excited and looking forward to seeing Derek Carr!

I’m so excited and ready for the season! Who Dat!!!!

Thank you again to Jeremy R. for taking the time to chat with us and feel free for follow him at @Jramezz on social media.

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