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Congrats Juwan and Chanen Johnson on baby J’adore

Welcome the newest member of the Who Dat Nation.

New Orleans Saints tight end Juwan Johnson had an uphill battle to his way to the league. Going from undrafted, to switching positions, waiting his turn and now signing his brand-new two-year deal worth $12 million.

Juwan’s incredible wife Chanen was told “she could never have kids... that she wouldn’t be able to” Juwan posted on Instagram. Just last year they went through two miscarriages. Heart breaking life changing events, they didn’t give up. Then came number three, J’adore. Juwan and Chan have been sharing their story on social media and it is one that everyone can learn from. Juwan and Chan both were told they can’t, and what did they do? They did.

Their journey is something most don’t share but seeing their journey from entering the league, working together and bringing a baby to the world is truly incredible.

You can check out the whole story, videos and pictures @chanenjohnson on Instagram.

Thank you for being vulnerable and sharing your story Juwan and Chanen. Welcome to the Who Dat Nation J’adore Blessing Johnson.

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