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Derek Carr finishes in 20th place in the American Century Golf Championship

QB1 can golf!

New Orleans Saints QB Derek Carr competed this weekend in the American Century Championship. The ACC is a celebrity golf tournament held in Lake Tahoe, Nevada that consist of three rounds. This year’s champion was NBA star Stephen Curry, who won the tournament with 75 points.

Carr finished in 20th place, with 39 points out of 93 other competitors. Some of the notable names he beat were Jerry Rice, Charles Woodson, Tim Brown, Doug Pederson, Reggie Bush, Ray Allen, among others. He also beat his brother David, which was probably what he was most proud of.

The highlight of the tournament was this putt that gave Carr an EAGLE on the 18th hole. The video is down below.

Carr was impressive at the tournament including this great shot into the green.

Safe to say QB1 is enjoying his offseason.

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