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CSC POLL: How many games will Alvin Kamara be suspended this season?

56% of voters said between 4-6 games.

New Orleans Saints v Cleveland Browns Photo by Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara plead no contest to a misdemeanor assault charge which stemmed from an alleged incident during the 2021 Pro Bowl in Las Vegas. Last week, we polled Saints fans on how many games they thought Kamara would be suspended following the news, and a vast majority of you said 4-6 games.

There’s no guarantee that Kamara will face a suspension this season, but it’s more likely than not that he will miss some time to start the season.

NBC Sports reported that Kamara and his camp were getting ready for a six-game suspension before he plead no contest last week. By pleading no contest, Kamara avoids a felony charge, will have to do community service and pay over $100,000 to the defendant for medical bills.

From the details we’ve been given and his no contest plea, my guess is Kamara will face anywhere from a 2-6 game suspension to start the season. The most likely outcome seems to be a four-game suspension, but you never know with these types of things.

The Saints first four games of the season are against Tennessee, Carolina, Green Bay and Tampa Bay. If he’s suspended four games, the Saints should be able to make it out of that stretch with no more than two losses.

Any way you spin it, it seems the Saints will be without Kamara for the early part of the season. They will rely heavily on Jamaal Williams and rookie Kendre Miller to fill Kamara’s roll in the backfield. Miller has already said he feels he can play the same role in this offense as Kamara, and it looks like he may have a chance to prove it early.

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