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Canal Street Spotlights: Jonathan Bourdeau

This week, we interview Jonathan, who talks about how he became a Saints fan and his favorite players!

2023 NFL Draft - Rounds 2-3 Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images

This week on Canal Street Spotlights, we interviewed Jonathan Bourdeau about how he became a New Orleans Saints fan, his favorite players/moments, and more.

CSC: Please tell us a bit about yourself and where you are from?

Jonathan: I turn 33 on July 19th. I am now currently in Kissimmee, Florida. I have been bouncing around from Nazareth PA, Albany New York, and Waveland Mississippi where I became a Saints fan. I am now working as customer service at a local Publix store.

CSC: How and why did you become a Saints fan?

Jonathan: The first Saints playoff win against the Rams in 2000. At the time, my dad who was working at Nasa Oceangraphics was given season tickets to go to Saints game and was cheap because the team was bad at the time. When we went to the playoff game, we were seated in the nosebleed seats but during the 4th quarter, we went to the endzone seats behind where Hakem dropped the ball. That was the game where I became obsessed with the team.

CSC: Who is your favorite Saints player? (Past or present)

Jonathan: My favorite was Marques Colston. The player I am currently rooting for is Tre’Quan Smith due to watching the real National Champions, UCF.

CSC: Favorite moment in Saints history so far?

Jonathan: My favorite memory was going to the Saints “home” game against the New York Giants at Giants stadium. My family and I moved to Nazareth, PA in 2002 after graduating from St. Clair Elementary School which was destroyed from Katrina. When we found out that the game was going to be at Giants Stadium, I asked Dad if we can go to it. The Giants fans were super nice, and I just remember the first play of the game in which we fumbled the ball during the kickoff due to a fake end around.

Thank you again to Jonathan for taking the time to chat with us and feel free to follow him @SYanks2020 on Twitter.

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