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Cameron Jordan: ‘I want to take Derek Carr back to Vegas’

Jordan met with reporters after Day 1 of training camp.

New Orleans Saints v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

Cameron Jordan opened up his post-practice interview with his excitement on the signing of Jimmy Graham, “The gang is back... when you see that 6’8 post-up tight end, you like that.”

Jordan proceeds to appraise third year DE Payton Turner: “Payton’s right there... his hunger to want to be great is totally in range with where he sees himself. Now he's just gotta go work for it.” Jordan continues, “I think he's done a phenomenal job this off-season transforming his body. Being where he wants to be.” Jordan goes on to bring up last season's game vs the Raiders (he says Rams) which Payton had two sacks. “That’s what we need to make a standard... we can do that, that’d be 34 sacks a year.”

When asked about his role with the young guys, Jordan says “It’s been the same role I’ve had since year three... I’ve been in that same role for the last 10 years. It’s one I only know... young guys come in I tell them what we do, how we do...I learn from them they learn from me. We keep it pushing. We try to be the best Dline we can be.” During this past off-season, the New Orleans Saints completely revamped the defensive line adding DT Bryan Breese and DE Isaiah Foskey through the draft and letting veterans walk in free agency.

Jordan is entering his 13th training camp. When asked about how high he sees that number going he answers “I’ve got no answer for you at that point right now. I keep saying I want to play until year 15... when I was younger like year 10 is the goal.” The 13-year defensive end mentions how he hasn’t gone into an off-season feeling this good. “The goal is 15 right now.” Jordan then brings up his Super Bowl aspirations. “I will be trying to win the Super Bowl. I want to take Derek Carr back to Vegas.”

When asked if pads are a significant benchmark for the defensive line Jordan says, “Absolutely, that’s the only benchmark. Nobody cares how good you look without pads.” Jordan then brings up how the ramping-up process of going from no pads to pads works. “This is where I need to see the mental process, even with myself included, so that being said I'm trying to be the best version I can be to set an example for the best people my Dline wants to be.”

Jordan closed his press conference by talking about not worrying about how long he’ll play but about the season ahead of him. “I’ve got to worry about year 13, I’ve got to worry about training camp day one meetings before I can get to training camp day two. So, I'm just taking it one step at a time. I’m focusing on what I can control...For me, a contract for the next two years, a contract for the next seven years isn't going to affect the way I play, practice, or take the field.”

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