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Master Kamara: Alvin’s mentorship of rookie Kendre Miller in training camp

Kamara has been spotted working one-on-one with Miller twice during training camp.

NFL: New Orleans Saints Training Camp Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

As the New Orleans Saints enter the second week of training camp, relationships are building between the newcomers and veterans.

There’s no doubt that rookie running back Kendre Miller could play a crucial piece on the offense. Regardless of talent, having an experienced mentor can ease the transition from college to pros.

Alvin Kamara is emerging as a dedicated mentor to Miller.

The 28-year-old Kamara has been spotted coaching Miller on technique. This happened once last week and then again on July 31.

Miller’s role with the team will be heavily affected by Kamara’s utilization. Kamara’s impending suspension will likely place Miller as the number two running back behind Jamaal Williams. If Miller can find early success alongside Williams, then Kamara’s temporary absence will be far less deadly of a blow to the offense.

Although statistics from Miller’s tenure with TCU might not show it, he boasts some obvious similarities to Kamara’s game.

He’s a quick, shifty running back who can attack from the inside or outside. He runs patiently, paying careful attention to blocking lanes. Also, Miller’s ability to create big plays from screens could be a massive weapon, just like Kamara. He wasn’t targeted in the passing game very often at TCU, but when he got the call, a hefty gain often ensued.

Kamara stepping in as a mentor is a great sight to behold for many reasons. Kamara has been with the team since 2017. Mark Ingram’s influence on Kamara likely had a major effect on Kamara’s success.

Hopefully, Kamara’s mentorship will not only result in a great season for Miller but also give the rookie confidence to start the year off hot during Kamara’s potential absence. A productive rookie season for the former Horned Frog would be incredible for the future of this Saints offense.

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