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Numbers to Know: Saints vs. Chargers

Both teams are coming off a preseason win on Sunday.

Kansas City Chiefs v New Orleans Saints Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

The New Orleans Saints started the 2023 preseason with a thrilling victory over the defending Super Bowl Champions Kansas City Chiefs in a rocking Caesars Superdome.

We saw some great highs and troubling lows throughout the game. The same goes for the Los Angeles Chargers who earned a 34-17 victory over city rivals Los Angeles Rams.

Here are some important stats to keep in mind for this weekend’s upcoming preseason bout between the Saints and the Chargers.

Six Receptions

What does this mean: Catches made by Saints wide receiver A.T. Perry

Why should I care: A.T. Perry had a statement against the Chiefs with six receptions for seventy yards and a gorgeous touchdown catch thrown by Jameis Winston. He’s being called the “steal of the draft” by Saints fans after somehow slipping to the sixth round in this year's NFL Draft. This game against Los Angeles is a great opportunity for Perry to flash his potential and solidify his spot on the active roster. The Saints have a crowded receiver room this year, so can Perry continue to impress and have a serious role within it? We’ll see how he fares against the Chargers.


What does this mean: Percentage of snaps last week played by Saints rookies Bryan Breese and Isaiah Foskey

Why should I care: Both Bryan Bresee and Isaiah Foskey played 39% of the snaps last week, which was tied for the highest number of snaps played by a Saints defensive player. While Bresee has a silent day on the stat sheet, he was able to break through and apply pressure at times. On the other hand, Foskey was shut down by the Kansas City offensive line. It will be interesting to see how both of the rookies perform against Los Angeles. It will also be interesting to see if their snap percentages increase or decrease based on their performances last weekend.

15.3 Yards Per Carry

What does this mean: Yards per carry earned by Chargers’ running back Elijah Dotson against the Rams on Sunday

Why should I care: The two biggest issues with the New Orleans defense last year were injuries and run defense. The team ranked ninth-worst in the league for opponent rushing yards. Mickey Loomis made an effort to reload their defensive line with draft picks Bresee and Foskey and also made some free agency additions that should help. Last week, Chargers running back Elijah Dotson, listed as the third-strong RB on their depth chart, ran for 92 yards and two touchdowns on just six carries. This week’s preseason game could be a great test for new pieces on the defensive line, especially those on the second-team unit. Certainly, keep an eye out for how Dotson performs.