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Olave, Thomas dominate Chargers secondary in joint practice

Olave “won all of his reps” against LA defenders on Thursday.

NFL: New Orleans Saints Training Camp Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

To the surprise of very few, the receiving duo of Michael Thomas and Chris Olave is a lethally dangerous combination.

NFL joint practices are a great way to see how players match up with unfamiliar foes. The New Orleans Saints have flown out to visit the Los Angeles Chargers for several joint practices leading up to their second preseason bout this Sunday.

An early headline from the joint practice has surrounded two Saints receivers: Chris Olave and Michael Thomas. According to reports from the sidelines, both have been torching the Los Angeles secondary.

According to NewOrleans.Football reporter Nick Underhill, Olave “won all of his reps in 1-on-1s.” The only incompletion, according to Underhill, was a defensive pass interference. According to WWL’s Jeff Nowak, Olave was going head-to-head with Chargers cornerback Asante Samuel Jr., a solid defender for LA.

Veteran Michael Thomas also had a great day against Los Angeles, according to multiple reporters on the scene.

Thomas was going up against veteran Charger safety Derwin James. According to Underhill, Thomas had his way with the three-time Pro Bowler.

Although practices won’t go on the record books, seeing the receiving duo of Thomas and Olave win battles against experienced defensive backs is fantastic. Today’s practice, combined with the confidence and poise displayed by Derek Carr thus far, is excellent news heading into a season with so much on the line for the franchise.

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