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The 2023 New Orleans Saints: Marching to a new tune

When the Saints come marching in! The band is all here!

NFL: New Orleans Saints Minicamp Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans Saints are entering training camp and the 2023 season with a lot of optimism with some new and revitalized members to the band marching to a new tune. With a new starting quarterback in Derek Carr, who is one of the most talented passers in the NFL, New Orleans has a chance to establish their QB status to follow Drew Brees. The Saints have a solid offense foundation, old, new, and returning with Michael Thomas, Alvin Kamara, Jameis Winston, Chris Olave, Jamaal Williams and Jimmy Graham and more.

The pure Zen that can happen with a blissful rotation amongst this cast of players can be absolutely terrifying for opposing teams. If Carr and Winston can develop a tag-in/tag-out play call to control the offense, then the scoring ability they will put up with the air attack could be unstoppable. With a healthy Michael Thomas opposite rookie Chris Olave, mixed with Johnson, Hill and the returning Graham at TE, the Saints offense, if meshed properly can rival the NFC. And we haven’t even mentioned the run attack. Throw in the ground dominance of Alvan Kamara with Jamaal Williams, the stress these two alone would weaken and break down defenses. There is so much weaponry in the Saints arsenal that the real problem Carr will have, is choosing the right play to call to deliver the offensive blow.

We all know the offensive line is a question mark and was one of the worst in the NFL in 2022, and it is still somewhat of a major concern. BUT the above mentioned can be done if Carr places himself on the same page with his receivers and new squad. If Thomas gets back to his All-Pro form after missing most of the 2022 season with an ankle injury, and Kamara, who is a dual threat running back, can run for 800+ yards, the Saints would be a terror on the offensive front. With the return of veteran tight end Jimmy Graham back in a Saints jersey, this can be that nostalgic energy the team needs with him being a support red-zone threat.

If these cast of players can stay healthy and play at a high level, the Saints will have one of the most explosive offenses in the NFL. They will be a tough team to beat in the NFC.

Here are some specific reasons why each of these players is important to the Saints’ offense:

  • Derek Carr: Carr is a proven quarterback who has thrown for over 3,000+ yards in each of the past four seasons. He is an effective QB and strong-armed passer who can make plays. Garnered to be a major upgrade over Jameis Winston, who was inconsistent last season.
  • Michael Thomas: Thomas is one of the best receivers in the NFL when he is healthy. He is a big-play threat who can stretch the field. He is also a very good route runner and a reliable receiver. Thomas’s return will be a major boost to the Saints’ offense.
  • Chris Olave: Olave is set to improve on becoming stronger at the catch and contact after. Olave was great in his debut season with 72 catches, 1042 yds and 4 touchdowns. If he can deliver his smooth play opposite of Thomas, then the air attack for Carr will be top tier in the NFC.
  • Alvin Kamara: Kamara is a dual threat running back who can run for 800+ yards and catch 80 passes. He is a dynamic playmaker who can take over games. Kamara’s powerhouse presence in the backfield will open up the passing game for Carr and Thomas. We just have to wait to see how his legal situation plays out.
  • Jimmy Graham: Graham is a veteran tight end who is a reliable receiver and a red-zone threat. He has over 8,000 receiving yards in his career. Graham’s experience and solid productivity will be a valuable asset to the Saints’ offense. He will be the supporting cast needed to add some veteran depth to the field. Nothing more should be expected from him.

The Saints have a lot of explosive and scoring potential on offense. If Carr can conduct the band to march strong with Thomas, Olave, Kamara, and Graham staying healthy, the Saints will be a tough team to beat in the NFC.

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