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Highlights from Saints QB Jake Haener’s post practice press conference

The Saints rookie QB met with the media for the first time after today’s practice.

NFL: New Orleans Saints Training Camp Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

After Friday’s practice, the New Orleans Saints fourth round selection met with the media for the first time this training camp to discuss the new system, his trip to Montana and more.

The Saints system

Saints QB Jake Haener opened up his post practice press conference talking about the Saints offense and his confidence level as a rookie walking into such a complex system.

“Just because I’m a rookie I don’t want to be able to make excuses that ‘I don’t know this progression; I don’t know this read.’ I want them to feel comfortable putting me in the game if I have to go in and try to make great throws and great decisions...This is a pretty complex system I would say. I’ve put a ton of time into it. A lot of the time I had off I was calling guys on facetime, a lot of the guys from the rookie class to go through stuff with them. I’m just trying to be as organized and as prepared as possible. I think preparation is the biggest key to success and I always pride myself on that. Just coming in and trying to be prepared for install one through three and four, five, six. Just trying to learn as I go and try to be as decisive as possible.”

His trip to Montana

After being drafted, Haener said he wanted to take a trip to Montana this summer. While he spent some time enjoying himself, he continued to work and train everyday while on vacation.

“I went up to Montana for a week and a half, went up there with my brother. Spent some good time up there doing some fly fishing, training and throwing. Then I came back to the Bay area and did some more of that stuff. I’m trying to be as productive with my time as possible and enjoy the little time off that I had.”

His conversations and work with Drew Brees

Haener met with Drew Brees during the draft process and got to work out with him and get some insight on what it takes to be an NFL quarterback. When asked if he thought the time with Brees paid off, the new Saints quarterback had this to say:

“Yeah, I’d like to think so. I think for a rookie that I’ve learned fast and tried to make the necessary jumps and decisions to come out here and execute. I think that’s the biggest thing as a rookie, showing them that you’re capable of handling mentally what they throw at you while also being able to throw the ball accurately, so I think it’s paid off up to this point in camp.”

His leadership capabilities as a rookie

As a rookie QB, you have to go in a prove to the veterans that you’re capable of being a leader. Haener believes that even though he’s years younger than most of the players, he’s still capable of having a leadership role in the Saints locker room.

“I think those guys want to see that you’re not scared to go in and command the huddle. I think from the jump I showed that I want that role and I’m not scared of that role. I think you either have that or you don’t. Since I was a kid, I went into a huddle and looked everybody in the eye and told them the play and told them where they need to get to. I think I have that energy in myself, you know, that aura that whenever I’m in we can get this job done and we can execute at a high level.”

The teams bonding this offseason

Whenever you join a team that has built chemistry together, you have to do your best to bond with everyone and make yourself a part of the team. Haener feels this draft class has done an excellent job bonding and feels this class can be really special.

“Naturally the more time you spend with people the closer you get with them. This class has been super productive, and I think there’s a lot of really good players in this class. Nick’s done a really good job, A.T., Kendre, Bryan, I mean everyone we picked has done a really good job.”

Haener’s first press conference of training camp gave fans some insight into the life of a rookie QB, how comfortable Haener is in the system and more. If you want to watch Haener’s entire post-game press conference, watch the video in the link below.

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