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Highlights from Saints RB Alvin Kamara press conference

"I want to be here forever."

NFL: New Orleans Saints Training Camp Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara met with reporters after Friday’s practice.

Kamara opened up his press conference by talking about the Las Vegas incident that took place during Pro Bowl eve in 2022. “It’s been 19 months that I’ve been dealing with this ordeal. It’s a tough ordeal to be in. I never want to be involved in something where somebody gets hurt, or severely injured, or anything. Poor judgment on my end. Definitely a bad decision, but I'm a man. Everything I've ever done in my life I stood on, and I can take accountability for it. I can say when I'm wrong. I was completely wrong. Embarrassed the Saints, embarrassed my family, my mother, embarrassed myself, embarrassed the city and the shield obviously embarrassed the NFL... I definitely take responsibility and that's part of being a man and growing. From here I’ve just got to make the right decisions and make the right choices.” The star running back recently met with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to discuss his side of the story and a potential suspension.

Role in the receiving game:

When Kamara was asked about his role in the passing game increasing during training camp reps he replied “Me and Pete [Carmichael] had a long talk, it was heated. it was an argument; nah I'm just playing. Some of the opportunities last year just weren't there like we've seen in the past. We’ve talked about it as an offense. I’m sure DC, Jameis, Pete, and all those are up there talking about it. I think I'm one of the most effective backs in the league when I get the ball in my hands out of the backfield. Running routes, catching the ball, splitting out, doing those things that you guys have known me to do.”

The offense:

Kamara appraised long-time teammate Michael Thomas when asked about the playmakers on the Saints offense, “Everybody’s seen it, you know, Mike T’s back rolling. I think he's looking good. He’s coming back into form. He’s one of those dudes who takes so much pride in what he does.” Michael Thomas appeared in just three games last season for 161 yards and three scores.

The star running back goes on to talk about second-year wide receiver Chris Olave, “Olave coming into another year. Understanding the offense more. Understanding the defenses more. Understanding what it takes to be elite in this league.”

The running back room:

Kamara reflects on the Saints’ new running back room, “We got Eno, we got Kendre coming in and he's learning. Young dude but is hungry, wants to learn, wants to listen, and wants to be great. Me and Jamaal we came out in the same class. His mentality and his approach to the game, even his approach outside of football, his approach in life, just coming in and being that smile that comes around the corner greeting everybody and saying what's up. Those are some of the things that are infectious and that gels the team together. Even his on-the-field play I mean the dude is passionate. The passion that he plays with, I haven't seen a lot of guys with that same drive and that same passion.”

Running back pay situation:

When a reporter asked Kamara about his opinion on the recent controversy around running backs being underpaid and undervalued, Kamara says, “New Orleans is a great place. I feel great that I've been able to be taken care of and valued where I'm at. I can't speak for everybody's situation. Circumstances are different across the league. I'm not going to go into detail about this player not getting this or this player getting this versus this player. I think everybody is aware of it. Everybody is aware of what's going on, but I can only speak for my situation. I’m in a blessed spot.”

The addition of Derek Carr:

Kamara spoke highly of new quarterback Derek Carr, “Man, it’s amazing to have DC. He’s a thinker. He loves the game. His communication, like I said earlier, we all communicate from Jameis to DC to the receivers...It’s like he’s a rookie in his attack on trying to get as much information and collect as much data from each player... He’s just a great dude all around. I think he has a winning spirit; I think he wants to be great, and I think he has a chip on his shoulder. For as much as he’s done in the league, he's still got that chip and he's still kinda got that like ‘I’m a show y’all’ That's what I love.

Kendre Miller:

The Saints drafted running back Kendre Miller in the third round of this year’s draft to take up for Alvin Kamara’s eventual suspension. When drafted Miller was quoted saying “Even though I respect Kamara and everything he got for the Saints, and everything he did, but I’m coming for that No. 1.”

Kamara responded to a reporter's question about the rookie's quote, “It’s funny because he gets drafted and everybody’s sending me his quotes ‘You know I can do everything Alvin Kamara can do’...He’s supposed to feel like that. That’s what a competitor does. When I get out there, I got to spank him a little bit and show him ‘Hey, it's different’ but he’s catching on. He wants to be good.”

Cameron Jordan’s extension:

Kamara ends his press conference by cutting off a reporter’s question about Cameron Jordan’s extension, “Man I ain't gonna talk about Cam, I'm gonna talk about me. I want to be here forever. I love it here man it's a lot of support here. Me and Cam talked about it for a long time, for years... it’s amazing he's been able to put together the career he put together all in one spot.”

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