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Social media reactions to the Steelers win on Monday Night Football

Pittsburgh's fans loud chants filled stadium after win but not what you would expect.

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

As most of us were locked in on the New Orleans Saints and Carolina Panthers Monday Night header, another double decker game was taking place. Rival teams, the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cleveland Browns, were playing an impact game Monday night as well.

The Steelers defense basically bailed out and saved the team to snag the win. The Steelers sacked Deshaun Watson a total of 6 times and hit him 11. They forced 4 turnovers, 2 of which they returned for touchdowns. In the fourth quarter, the Steelers’ star linebackers combined for a scoop-and-score to pull out an improbable 26-22 victory.

Even though the Steelers won, most fans wanted offensive coordinator Matt Canada fired... they literally chanted it. Pittsburgh Steelers fans did not hold back in expressing their displeasure with the offense. Steelers Nation opened up with the loudest chant of the game in the fourth quarter, after the team failed to convert on a game-sealing third down. Instead of celebrating the win, most fans were just want Canada gone.

Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin responded to the “Fire Canada” chants.

“I appreciate their passion,” Tomlin said.

“I share their passion. We all do. Man, we love our friends. They inspire us. They challenge us. It’s an awesome relationship. We don’t run from challenges, we run to challenges. This is a sports entertainment business. It is our job to win, and thus, entertain them, and so we don’t begrudge them for that. We want them to be fat and sassy and spoiled.”

What are your thoughts on last night’s double header matchup of Monday Night Football? Leave your comments below.