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2 takeaways from the Saints loss to the Packers

New Orleans collapsed at Lambeau following injury to Derek Carr.

New Orleans Saints v Green Bay Packers Photo by Todd Rosenberg/Getty Images

1. The offensive line cannot continue to be this bad

The New Orleans Saints offensive line once again had a lackluster performance against the Green Bay Packers, but this time it resulted in quarterback Derek Carr getting injured. Carr went down hard on his 3rd sack of the day after being hit high low by two Packers. He landed straight on his shoulder and is now out for what could be multiple weeks with a sprained AC joint. Carr exiting almost certainly cost the Saints this game, as the offense without him was unable to move the ball in the slightest in the fourth quarter resulting in the defense getting gassed out and the Packers being able to score 18 points in 11 minutes. Something needs to change on the offensive line otherwise the Saints will accomplish nothing this season.

New Orleans Saints v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images

2. The offense is going to need Alvin Kamara to be great now more than ever

With Derek Carr potentially missing the next few games, the offense is going to have to rely heavily on players like Alvin Kamara to be able to escape with a win. The defense should be fine, as they have played at an elite level all season, so the offense shouldn’t have to be scoring 30 points per game to win, but the fact of the matter is if they scored at least 20 points in each of their last 11 games they would be 11-0 across that stretch, instead they are just 6-5. Jameis Winston is going to pilot the offense for the near future, and with the OL unable to effectively pass protect Kamara is going to have to be great for this team to keep pace. The Saints are currently tied for first, but the Falcons have all but a guaranteed win coming up against the plummeting Jaguars in London, setting up a game in New Orleans to maintain a tie for first between the Saints and Bucs next week. This is a game the Saints cannot and should not lose, which now seems like a toss-up.

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