Saints 3 Stooges

Pete Carmichael

Ron Curry

Doug Marrone

Saints wont win with these 3 clowns

PC has absolutely no idea how to playcall a game. His predictable running plays are just a waste of down and makes converting a 1st down impossible for the QB. Every game goes to a brain freeze and frantically calls non stop deep patterns to Olave or run TH to the awaiting arms of the defensive front

Ron Curry 2 years ago was a rookie receivers coach. Never called a college game nor was offensive coordinator in any level. way under qualified and clueless

and finally the worst position coach in all NFL, offensive line coach moronic Dougie Marrone

watch and laugh at how this group trys to block stunts and simple blitzes

Hard to believe but your going to see Jeffrey Simmons take down Carr untouched

Saints going nowhere with these 3 in New Orleans

total shame because we have the talent and DA can coach the defense to wins but

if you cant score you cant win

Dennis Allen should have fired these 3 clowns and brought in a fresh experienced innovative young offensive coordinator to run the offensive side

DA will be unemployed because of these 3 Stooges

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