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Social Media Reacts: Lions lose to Cowboys on MNF

Monday Night Football 2-Point Reversal Heard Around The World!

Syndication: Detroit Free Press Junfu Han / USA TODAY NETWORK

Saturday night, Detroit Lions gambled and got the 2-point conversion they needed to win against Dallas Cowboys in a rescheduled Monday Night Football battle. Officials somehow missed registering Taylor Decker as eligible before he caught a pass. Due to an “illegal touching” penalty, the Lions’ 2-point conversion attempt with 23 seconds left was wiped out. In the replays, ESPN showed a Lions lineman, including Decker, talking to referee Brad Allen after an extra offensive lineman entered the game before the play. The go-ahead 2-point play wasn’t allowed since Decker wasn’t announced as an eligible receiver. With just a few seconds left, that score would have put the Lions up 21-20. Ultimately the score was taken off the board as Lions head coach Dan Campbell screamed at officials for the loss of points.

Last night’s debacle brought up the debate on the season long issue of NFL officiating mistakes. After the reversal of Detroit’s 2-point conversion, social media exploded.

Despite some saying it was Dan Campbell’s fault, the fan consensus is that Decker did check-in and report eligibility. The rigged scenario is coming from fans saying that the bet slips were in favor of the Cowboys in Vegas. With the night being as memorable as it was, theorists are saying that Jerry Jones couldn’t lose.

What were your thoughts of last night’s extra point debacle? Do you think the call was correct? Or did the Lion’s actually win the game?