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Canal Street Chronicles adds a new writer

Feeling right at home…

I can vividly recall an old basketball coach of mine always telling me “If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready!!” That was always a quote that stuck with me throughout my adolescence and even into adulthood. So, when the opportunity presented itself to become a writer for Canal Street Chronicles, that sediment immediately rang in my head like a boisterous early morning alarm clock. Even with this being something new and exciting on the horizon, it strangely felt like I had been here before and created a sense of urgency, yet calmness. I would definitely attribute that kind of demeanor to abiding by that old cliche’ of “always staying ready.”

Being a native New Orleanian from the heart of Downtown, I grew up like most did in the area: A Die-Hard Saints Fan!! I can recall the eras of so many New Orleans Saints greats from Bobby Hebert, Eric Martin and Dalton Hilliard to the times of Aaron Brooks, Joe Horn & Deuce McAllister through the golden era of the soon to be Hall of Famer Drew Brees, with the likes of Reggie Bush, Pierre Thomas and Alvin Kamara. From the legendary “Dome Patrol” to the Rally’s “Cha-Ching” commercial and even through the infamous, yet catchy local hit “Steve Walsh Baby.” I’ve long been a ride or die for the black and gold. I’ve always believed that a big reason the Saints are so beloved by the hometown people is due to the similarities between the fans and team itself. This is often reflected through the relationships players build within local communities and how entrenched they become into our infectious & influential Crescent City culture.

It’s no secret that I have always been known to have an extreme passion for football and just sports overall. Whether in the role of former player, coach, announcer, podcaster or reporter/ writer, I just love to be around it and somehow part of it. As a former graduate of McDonogh #35 Senior High School (Roneagles), I took my interests and passion to Southern University A&M College (Baton Rouge) where I majored in Mass Communication, with a concentration in Broadcasting/ Journalism. Upon graduating, I shortly thereafter moved to Texas, where over the 15+ years I became an AAU Head Basketball Coach, Football & Basketball Announcer/Commentator for Alvin ISD and Katy ISD, while also becoming a podcaster. So now, being granted the chance to join Canal Street Chronicles as a writer for the team I’ve rooted for my entire life, is just simply amazing. I consider it a blessing from the big guy upstairs and plan to embrace this opportunity and journey wholeheartedly. Let’s get it and Who Dat!

Blakes family repping at Saints vs Texans Regular Season Game (10/15/2023)
Photo Taken By: Cierra & Ashley DeCuire