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Mickey Loomis talks hiring process for the Saints offensive coordinator

Several candidates have already been requested for an interview.

Boston Celtics v New Orleans Pelicans Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Since the New Orleans Saints announced that they parted ways with Offensive Coordinator Pete Carmichael, many have wondered who should be next on the chopping block. Many fans were looking to have Dennis Allen next in line. Alternatively, Saints general manager Mickey Loomis on Wednesday responded to those fans who recently called for coach Dennis Allen’s firing on Twitter/X and other social media.

During his season ending press conference, Loomis said, “The easy thing to do — the lazy thing to do — is look at the results of the season and say, ‘It’s the coach’s fault,’ or ‘It’s the quarterback’s fault,’ Oftentimes, you have to look beyond that.”

‘He continued... “It’s collective. It’s the players. It’s the coaches. It’s me. It’s our personnel staff, our roster. It’s variables sometimes we don’t have any control of. And so, my assessment is Dennis Allen is a good coach.”

So, it’s clear that Dennis Allen is keeping his job for the next season. Now the question becomes, who will be the new offensive coordinator? With the release of Carmichael, who was with the organization since he was hired by Sean Payton in 2006, fans are now trying to scope out the next season and who Loomis will bring in to fill the position expeditiously.

Loomis stated that the hiring process would not be rushed, which is often a mistake made in the league. He wants to make the right hire.

“We’re going to make the right hire,” Loomis said. “We’re not going to make the expedient hire.”

Between both Nick Underhill and Ian Rapoport releasing insider information via Twitter/X they have listed the top candidates that have been requested for interviews by the Saints, which include:

As the offseason for the Saints progresses, we will likely see more candidates get interviews and some favorites emerge. So, who do you think the Saints should bring for an interview? Let us know in the comments below.