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Kool-Aid McKinstry scouting report

Let’s take a look at the Alabama product.

Rose Bowl Game - Alabama v Michigan Photo by Ryan Kang/Getty Images

The NFL Draft is one of the most exciting days in all of football. Every year, fans get to welcome new players onto their teams. With the draft fast approaching, let's take a look at one of Alabama's top prospects: Ga’Quincy “Kool-Aid” McKinstry


Age: 21

Class: Junior

Height: 6’1’”

Weight: 195 lbs


Besides having a sick name, Kool-Aid McKinstry is a great CB. He's your typical man-to-man press corner. He plays with great intensity and is very physical. This is often highlighted by his fierce hands, which he uses very well to stop opposing receivers from breaking the line.

He has exceptional coverage skills that almost any GM would like on their team. This is highlighted by exceptional knowledge and feel for the game. Oftentimes, McKinstry communicates with his teammates and calls out plays before they even happen.

He only allowed 208 receiving yards allowed all season and a 46.5% completion percentage when targeted per PFF. McKinstry is the definition of a lockdown CB.

McKinstry also possesses the ability to help out on special teams. He flashed the potential to be a deadly punt returner. Although he still has some things to clean up since he muffed three punts on the season.


There's not a whole lot of weaknesses to his game, but they are there. McKinstry can give up leverage to opposing receivers by not being quick enough with his hips. This is usually apparent on quicker routes like slants and out routes.

On a few plays on tape, I didn't love the effort he showed. He would simply give up on plays or try and see if his teammates make the tackles.

There are times when bigger receivers often get the best of McKinstry. When he doesn't have the length or size advantage, he is prone to losing that battle.

The bottom line

Kool-Aid McKinstry is your classic feisty man-to-man CB that will shut down opposing receivers. He's a very talented player with the ability to make multiple All-Pros in the future. Besides just the great skills, he's shown the ability to be a leader and a field general for his team. He makes the players around him better, and that's something that should catch the eyes of many teams.

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