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Social Media Reactions: Chiefs vs. Bills

Kansas City’s comeback leads to 27-24 win to advance t o the AFC title game,

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Kansas City Chiefs v Buffalo Bills Photo by Kathryn Riley/Getty Images

The Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills added another playoff classic to their rivalry on Sunday. The Chiefs defeated the Bills 27-24, in comeback victory at Highmark Stadium. During the fourth quarter, Isiah Pacheco scored the game-winning touchdown as he broke through for a 5-yard touchdown run. The fourth quarter proved to be a roller coaster for both teams after the Pacheco touchdown. Bills fans were confident that they would end the Chiefs season. Despite looking like they could at least tie the game, the Bills’ season ended with a Tyler Bass wide right field goal attempt. So, we have at least one more week of the Swift/Kelce love story and in true internet fashion, Twitter fans always speaks their mind.

Bills fans were going hard on Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce all week only to be hit with what some say was Karma or “Bad Blood.”

The Chiefs will take on the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship game for a chance to two step at the big game. Who do you think will take the AFC title? Chiefs or Ravens? Let us know in the comments below.