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Canal Street Chronicles adds a new writer

Nice to meet y’all!

Hi there, I’m Lauren Volheim. Nice to meet y’all! Earlier this week, I responded to a post by Canal Street Chronicles searching for new writers. My background is mostly in social media management, but as a lifelong New Orleans Saints fan, I sent in my resume and cover letter in hopes that they would give this football-loving mom from Pensacola, FL a chance. I was shocked when I recieved a call that afternoon, and by the end of the conversation, I was offered an opportunity to join the team.

My livelihood is social media management. I publish Facebook and Instagram posts daily for local businesses. The thrill of a popular post was nothing compared to the excitement I felt seeing my first article about the Saints published last night! I hope to hit the ground running and publish regularly. I am also looking forward to assisting with the social media side of CSC and interacting with our readers there too.

Besides writing for CSC, I am a wife, mom to 3, run my own social media management company, and coach CrossFit. My family resides in Pensacola, FL, but we consider New Orleans our second home and visit several times a year. (The kids are already counting down to Mardi Gras!) Thank you for the opportunity to write and being so welcoming. I look forward to being a part of the CSC team. Who Dat!

Volheim family waiting for Bacchus 2023