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Interview: Juwan Johnson and his wife, Chanen talk about their family, pets and partnership with Hill’s Pet Nutrition

The Johnson’s hope to raise awareness and donations for Shelter Bowl 2024.

Juwan and Chanen Johnson and their Chihuahua Terrier Rescue, Hendrix
Hill’s Pet Nutrition

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to speak with New Orleans Saints TE Juwan Johnson and his wife Chanen, who have shown their love for dogs through their active participation in pet adoption events in the New Orleans area. Now they have teamed up with Hill’s Pet Nutrition to help raise awareness and donations for Shelter Bowl 2024. `

The Johnson’s have a beautiful 6-month-old daughter, J’adore as well as 2 dogs of their own, Hendrix, a 4-year-old French bulldog and Fitzgerald, a larger than expected 3-year-old Chihuahua terrier mix who was adopted from a shelter in Mississippi. Knowing firsthand about animals in shelters that need good homes and families, the Johnson’s whose TikTok account (@juandchan) has 3.1 million followers, are using their platform to raise awareness about the national pet shelter crisis.

TH: What motivated and moved you to partner up with Hill’s Pet Nutrition for this year’s Shelter Bowl?

JJ: We have dogs ourselves, one is an adopted dog, so we decided to team up with Hill’s Pet Nutrition to drive awareness to these shelters. All the shelters are just overcrowded right now so we are really trying to encourage people to adopt and if you can't adopt, we would love for you to donate. I think it’s going to be good because it helps these dogs out, it helps us out and we just want to have these dogs happy because we want people to enjoy the same joy we have.

TH: With a thriving career in NFL, huge social media following and growing family, how do you find balance between everything?

CJ: Honestly, our life is part of our job, our job is to share our life. So, it makes it really fun because we get to just take everyone on the journey. So, it’s a really good experience.

JJ: We have been pretty disciplined and good about scheduling and prioritizing certain things. We know the baby comes first; we also know our marriage comes first. So, we just try to have a unique blend about it all. The dogs, they just kind of take care of themselves, that’s why it’s kind of good to have two, they always keep themselves occupied. They just have a great time... they always try to have themselves involved in whatever we do. So, it's really been good. Like we said before, we're pretty boring so whenever we get time to chill, we really just watch tv, relax and eat New Orleans food.

TH: You mentioned your life is boring, but it seems like it's anything but that. You have millions of followers on Tik Tok and Instagram and are natural entertainers, what was the motivation in starting that?

JJ/CJ: It started in 2020, when everyone else hopped on Tik Tok, we hopped on Tik Tok. It’s funny because I used to be a teacher, and my students said get on Tik Tok... So, we hopped on, along with the rest of the world and it just blew up for us. We started creating content just being authentic.

TH: What are some of your professional and personal goals for 2024:

JJ/CJ: Personally, we want to affect as many people as possible in the best way we can. We really want to help pets, because we have pets of our own, so we really want to get involved with that. We really want to help people to just experience the goodness of the life. Whether it's putting up videos or enjoying our marriages. You can find love as well, you can find love in your pets, you can find love your daughter. We have so many things we want to spread to people that they can see... We want to bring happiness to people.

TH: Do you see your yourselves adopting another dog in the future?

JJ: We never know. You never know, in the next year we could be like, let’s get another dog,

CJ: Maybe with each child, we adopt a dog too? (Juwan laughs) and jokes about if she can find another name.

Here is how you can join Juwan and Chanan to get involved in this year’s campaign:

  • Donate to Support: Hill’s Pet Nutrition will match ALL donations up to $30,000 to provide resources for animal welfare organizations to help shelter pets find homes.
  • Adopt a Pet: There’s never been a more important time to consider adopting a pet. The campaign encourages people to open their hearts and homes to shelter pets in need.

To learn more and donate, go to Shelter Bowl 2024

Thank you again to Juwan and Chanen Johnson for taking the time to speak with me to bring awareness to this very important cause.