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CSC Super Bowl preview and props

The journey that started in September ends today...


The journey which started in September climaxes as the last two teams standing clash to decide who is the best. Super Bowl Sunday arrives with the Kansas City Chiefs facing the San Francisco 49ers in Las Vegas. The Niners have been one of the best teams in the league all season while the Chiefs rounded into form in the playoffs to find themselves once again in the title game. Do the Chiefs continue their dynasty or do the Niners finally take their place at the top of the NFL? The game has potential to be one of the best in recent history simply with the number of superstars on each team. Each week, Canal Street Chronicles will preview some of the best props and wagers for all NFL playoff games. Thank you to our friends over at DraftKings sportsbook for the wagering lines for the CSC Super Bowl props and best bets.

CSC Super Bowl props and best bets:

49ers game line -2.5(+100)

So far this postseason, it seems like the Chiefs are once again the team of destiny. After limping into the playoffs, they have suddenly looked like previous season juggernauts and rolled all the way back to the Super Bowl. The full media machine is behind the team with a certain pop star hovering around while beau Travis Kelce has become a staple on commercials and podcasts. The line is almost even, but it seems like most bettors are simply shrugging their shoulders and taking the Chiefs with the reasoning being “they are the Chiefs.” Do not fall for it. The 49ers have been one of the best teams in the NFL the last few seasons and that apexes this Sunday. Brock Purdy, George Kittle, Brandon Aiyuk, and Christian McCaffrey are not just hungry, they are famished for this win. The Niners are due, but they are also the better team. They have the best offensive line, running back, wide receivers, pass rushers, and secondary. The San Francisco 49ers cover the spread and dethrone the Chiefs by more than three.

Isiah Pacheco over 67.5 rushing yards(-135)

If the Chiefs are going to win this game, Isiah Pacheco must have a great game. His matchup is very favorable as the Niners are very mediocre against the rush, especially against bruising backs such as Pacheco. In the NFC Championship game, Aaron Jones averaged six yards per carry against this same defense. That is not likely to improve either as the 49ers will try and force the ball to stay around the line of scrimmage against Patrick Mahomes. Pacheco might have more than 68 yards in just the first half, especially if the 49ers defense is comfortable with not getting beaten by Mahomes. This prop along with alternative rushing yards are viable for Pacheco as well since he could easily have a 100-yard game.

Deebo Samuel over 78.5 rushing + receiving yards(-115)

Big time games bring out big time players and there might be no player hungrier for a championship than Deebo Samuel. In his career, Samuel averages over 14 yards per catch. Samuel is a weapon though and will be used all over the field. He also averages almost six yards per carry, even though those rush stats have taken a hit the last two seasons with the addition of superstar running back Christian McCaffrey. Expect the 49ers offense to pull out every play that has ever worked though, especially with Samuel being such a matchup nightmare for the Chiefs defense. Samuel is likely to be highly involved in every facet, leading him to hit this prop easily.

Oddity props:

Head coach Gatorade bath color: Clear(+1000)

Sportsbooks bring out the fun props every Super Bowl and this year is no different. One of the most fun bets each game is the Gatorade bath for the winning head coach. Traditionally, players relish in drenching their coach but the color of this liquid is a fun bet. With both teams having some sort of red in their team colors, red at +350 might be a good bet. It is smart to consider the coaches though. It is not likely that Andy Reid nor Kyle Shanahan will want to be dyed a bright color for the post-game interviews. Yellow/green at +300 could lend to this theory but the long shot might be the best bet on the board. Water or clear liquid at +1000 is the best color on the board. Not only is the color present in each team’s colors, but it also takes into account the head coaches who consider everything when game planning.

Swifties Special - “Fifteen”: Patrick Mahomes 15 rush + 215 passing yards(-140)

One of the most frustrating things for opposing defenses is the mobility of Patrick Mahomes. Not only is he one of the best quarterbacks in the pocket, but he has plenty of athleticism to scramble if the middle of the field opens up. The passing yards for this prop is almost a sure thing, meaning the rushing total is the only concern. In the regular season, the 49ers defense allowed nearly 20 rushing yards per game to opposing quarterbacks and over five yards per rush. Mahomes likely only needs two or three scrambles to hit the rush total. “Fifteen” might be one of the best bets on the entire board on Sunday.

Long shot of the game:

Kyle Jusczyk anytime TD scorer(+750)

Kyle Jusczyk has been the do-all player for the 49ers offense. Kyle Shanahan will scheme plays and use Jusczyk in very unique ways. Jusczyk can do just about anything on the field, which allows him to be useful for any of these creative plays. The last time these two teams met in the Super Bowl, Jusczyk scored on one of these types of plays actually. The Niners are even more dangerous now with playmakers able to stretch the field and overwhelm defenses, opening space for Jusczyk to work. Expect more inventive plays in the red zone from the 49ers offense which gets Kyle Jusczyk into the end zone once again.