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Canal Street Chronicles welcomes a new writer

Glad to meet y’all!

Hello! I’m Molly Nell Bauer. It’s exciting to meet y’all. Last week, I contacted Canal Street Chronicles after I saw a post on social media that they were looking for new writers. I am a lifelong New Orleans Saints fan and have been waiting for an opportunity to write about them.

Currently, I am a journalism major at Texas Tech University. The Saints are on my mind 24/7, and I bounce around Saints' social media all the time. I’m still a student, but I sent a response anyway because this is something I’ve wanted to do for a while now, and I didn’t want an opportunity to pass me by. So, it was surprising to me that just 10 days later I got a phone call with an offer to join the team here at CSC.

I was raised by an entire family of Saints fans as both of my parents grew up in New Orleans. My dad is actually a true day-one fan and had season tickets to games at the old Tulane stadium, and later the Louisiana Superdome when it opened in 1975.

My work here will be the first time my writing is officially published, although the classes I have taken at Texas Tech have me more than prepared to dip my toes in the pool.