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CSC Poll Results: Who do you want to win Super Bowl LVIII?

With the the big game just days away, what result are Saints fans hoping for?

NFL Commissioner Press Conference Photo by Perry Knotts/Getty Images

In a Super Bowl week edition of our weekly poll question, we asked who do you want to win and who do you think will win Super Bowl LVIII:

After 259 votes there is a clear favorite on who you think will win and a slight favorite on who you wanted to win. 72.2% think the Kansas City Chiefs will win the world title, but just 44.4% want to see them win. The Chiefs are a slight underdog, but the track record of Patrick Mahomes is hard to ignore.

The 49ers have been saying they are in need of a reset on defense most of the week leading up to the Super Bowl. Will Brock Purdy and the offense be enough to overcome a defense that hasn’t been playing it’s best lately? Or will the 49ers defense find themselves again in Las Vegas?

Here is how the CSC staff thinks the game will go:

  • Matt Miguez: 49ers win. Chiefs have been known to make small mistakes during key games and Niners defense will capitalize on that, allowing Deebo and CMC more scoring chances.
  • Luke Hubbard: Want Chiefs thinks Chiefs. Never bet against Mahomes in the playoffs.
  • Tina Howell: I think the Chiefs get it done again. It's hard to deny what they have built over the last few years. Plus everything Taylor Swift touches turns to gold. (Love her or hate her, it's the truth)
  • Jonny Camer: Chiefs, I wanna see Mahomes take over Brady as the GOAT.

What do you think will happen come Sunday? And will this be the result you are hoping for?

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