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How Will You Enjoy Super Bowl LVIII?

Are you watching with fans at a bar or with family/friends at home?

Syndication: Bucks County Courier Times Nancy Rokos / Special to the Bucks County Courier Times / USA TODAY NETWORK

If you are planning to attend Super-Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas, I envy you. Matter of fact, where do you work because, I need some of that long money as my pops would say. LOL. No but for real, if you are going to Allegiant stadium, enjoy it to the fullest and make plenty of football memories. But for me, I will most likely watch from the man-cave this year.

As a football fan, I have always enjoyed watching the NFL season at bars with other fans and friends and even attending a few games. The energy and excitement of being surrounded by like-minded individuals is unbeatable. However, experiencing the game at home, has many benefits of watching from the comfort of my own couch. With this year’s Super Bowl LVIII right around the corner with the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers, watching and hosting the game from the house with the crew and family will be the major play.

Watching the big game from the four corners of the humble abode allows for a more personalized viewing experience. I get to flex the man-cave and watch on my big screen with surround sound in my theatre seating. I get to create the menu and football ambience setting with the family and crew. Again, going to the bar is a total vibe but with prices increasing when going out, planning a Super Bowl outing can be SUPER expensive.

Taking in the game from the man-cave can be more cost effective when it comes to the food and drinks aspect. The circle of friends and I don’t have to worry about paying for a $15 plain hotdog and a $20 beer (I know I’m exaggerating). The menu can be what I and those attending make it. From pizza to egg rolls to bacon wrapped jalapeños, the possibilities are endless. Another aspect is not having to worry about over inflated parking or simply searching for a parking spot is a relief as well. And if we didn’t drive, paying for an Uber would be another added expense.

With a plethora of football fans in my circle and family ranging from New Orleans Saints, Texans, Dallas Cowboys, Tennessee Titans and Chiefs fans, we all tend to get rowdy. So, containing that in the man-cave as a host with the favorite beers flowing, foods and snacks is a better option. I don’t know how anybody else does the games, but my crew and I break out the cigars, side-bets, blackjack and trash talk.

Since neither of my household teams made it, (Saints and Texans) the decision was to stay in. Besides the Chiefs fan in the family (who I might make watch the game outside with the rabbit ears box tv), we will all be wearing our team jerseys having a good time and just vibing. We all know while watching the Super Bowl at a bar has its own unique appeal and will definitely be lit, we have come to appreciate the benefits of watching from the comfort of staying in. Maybe it’s because of our age (No need to mention I was born in the late 1900’s) but enjoying events in a more controlled atmosphere is more of our style. It may not have the same level of energy and camaraderie as going to a bar, but the personalized experience, cost-effectiveness, and comfort make it a clear winner for me, my friends and the fam.

So, how do you plan on watching the game? At a bar? Home? or are you attending the game in Las Vegas? Let us know in the comments below!