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Christopher is a former managing editor of Canal Street Chronicles covering the New Orleans Saints and contributor for DraftKings Nation covering fantasy football and sports betting. Member of Pro Football Writers of America, National Sports Media Association, and featured on Yahoo! Sports, Bleacher Report, and others.

Saints fans ready to sell their soul for 2023

Wouldn’t it feel dirty, though?

FOCO Releases New Orleans Saints Commemorative Super Bowl Bobblehead

There are only 323 units made, so get yours today!

Saints Reacts Survey, Week 18: Should the Saints sell their souls?

Would you welcome Tom Brady to the Saints?

Saints expected to end season on high note vs Panthers

But do we really want the team to win at this point?

CSC Monday Night Football Week 17 Pick: A good night for Bills Mafia

And bad results for Joey B.

CSC Week 18 Picks: Not looking good for Saints

We can all go to bed tonight without clinging to the distant idea of postseason contention.

Saints fans clinging to what little hope they have left in 2022

And it’s not much.

Saints Reacts Survey, Week 17: How are we feeling?

Are you optimistic for 2023 or concerned?

Saints expected to finally be put out of their misery in 2022

And what better end than at the hands of the team that owns their first round pick?

Former 49ers QB a popular option for Saints fans

But if this is the best of the group, what does that say?