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Lucas is an editor at Canal Street Chronicles who covers the New Orleans Saints. He covers all areas as well as specializing in the film analysis role. Lucas has experience at the Division 1 FCS level as he was a former quarterback at Delaware State University, which has allowed him to see the game in a unique light. He is currently a student at Rutgers University pursuing a career in Physical Therapy but hopes to continue to his passion for analysis along the way.

Saints vs. Packers Game Recap

The offensive line continues to let this team down.

CSC Staff Picks Week 3: Saints don’t cover the board for the first time this year

10 unanimous picks this week!

Film Review: Saints vs. Panthers

Offensive line still struggling a bit, while the defensive line’s putting it together

Saints vs. Panthers Game Recap

Inconsistencies carry over from last week but so did the potential.

CSC Staff Picks Week 2: Saints seemed destined for a 2-0 start

Lots of clean sweeps down the board for Week 2.

Film Review: Saints vs. Titans

Who showed out, who struggled and where can this team improve?

Game Recap: Saints win ugly against the Titans

The offense struggles and defense rallies in New Orleans

CSC Staff Picks Week 1: Saints expected to start off hot along with many others

Many quarterbacks looking to make their debut seem to have the odds stacked against them.

3 keys to a Saints victory against the Titans

Derrick Henry and the Titans make this game a lot more interesting than it may seem.

Saints vs Texans: Film Review

One last chance to make an impression.