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CSC Film Analysis

Football 101: The Route Tree (0-2)

Detailing all the routes of the route tree and how your favorite receiver makes a living off of them on Sundays

How Jameis Winston can utilize Deonte Harty in 2022

With all of the focus on Michael Thomas, Jarvis Landry, and Chris Olave, it’s Deonte Harty who could stand to have the biggest leap this year.

Why the re-signing of P.J. Williams is so crucial for the Saints

The safety’s versatility could end up cementing him in a much bigger role this season

The growth of Jameis Winston and why he will improve upon his 2021 season

The Saints must add talent this offseason to allow Winston to flourish

Marcus Maye brings a physical, versatile presence to Saints defense

A look in what strengths Maye possesses and how he could affect team differently than Marcus Williams

The case for...Jameis Winston

Why the Saints should consider bringing back the former Seminole.

Why the Saints need to keep Marcus Williams at all costs

The franchise tag should be in play again for the elite safety.

Will Clapp showed off his ability to be flexible and available for the Saints offense in 2021

Does he get an extended stay in his hometown? Or does he get booted out the "boot"?

Film Study: Breakdown of every Jameis Winston dropback in Week 2

Well, that Packers game sure was fun!

Film Study: How the Saints defense stopped Aaron Rodgers

The Saints defense stepped up to the challenge in the 2021 opener

Film Study: Breakdown of every Jameis Winston dropback in Week 1

Jameis simply took what the defense gave him for the majority of this game, and that’s about all we can ask from him.

[Film analysis] Saints offensive line instrumental in Jameis Winston’s big day vs. Packers

It wasn’t news that the Saints would have one of the league’s best lines, but they put the NFL on notice Sunday

[Film Study] Bradley Roby’s role in the Saints secondary

Here’s how the former Texans corner can help Dennis Allen’s defense

What to expect from D line in weeks without David Onyemata

We’ve made due without him before, but David Onyemata’s loss for the first six weeks of the season will hurt.

Saints Film Room: P-Rob’s versatility makes him an underrated depth piece

Patrick Robinson’s versatility as a slot and outside corner makes him a valuable depth piece for the New Orleans Saints secondary.

3 ways Deonte Harris could be an offensive weapon in 2021

He could be the key to the Saints offense in 2021.

Saints Film Room: What Cesar Ruiz needs to improve on going into his 2nd year

He has some fixable issues that seem like they should improve as time goes on.

Calvin Ridley highlights Marshon Lattimore’s up-and-down play

Maybe Lattimore preferred the Falcons to not have traded Julio Jones.

What Saints can learn from Titans to minimize mistakes

Jameis Winston could thrive in New Orleans, but he can’t be as turnover-prone to do so

New Orleans Saints big play breakdowns: 2020 Alvin Kamara’s 52-yard touchdown

Breaking down some of the biggest New Orleans Saints plays in this series, starting with a recent catch and run by Alvin Kamara. Assisted by some impressive hustle by center Erik McCoy.

New Orleans Saints top 2020 Performances: Malcolm Jenkins vs. the Green Bay Packers

Despite the loss, Malcolm Jenkins proved his value early in his second stint with the New Orleans Saints

Marcus Davenport is much better than you think

He hasn’t been perfect, but he hasn’t been a total bust either.

Film: David Onyemata trending towards becoming Pro Bowl-caliber DT

He took a step last year and showed all the qualities he needed to be worth the contract he received in 2020.

The one thing we hope Jameis Winston learned from Drew Brees

The Saints’ 2021 success likely turns on this single trait of Jameis Winston.

Tre’Quan Smith looks poised to assume the deep threat role for the New Orleans Saints

Tre’Quan Smith has worked with Jameis Winston over the offseason and seems keen on reprising his downfield threat role from college.

Film Study: Saints using Marcus Williams as luxury item as they try to figure out cornerback No. 2

Williams will be able to help whoever lines up opposite Marshon Lattimore, but Lattimore needs to be consistent