"Emotionally, it was hard, but business-wise, it was a simple decision," said Evans yesterday....


"Emotionally, it was hard, but business-wise, it was a simple decision," said Evans yesterday. "Emotionally, doggone it, I was going to take far less money and far less security and come home to Boston; I had no intentions of leaving. I never expected the Patriots to be the highest bidder or even close, but it was just too much of a distance to feel comfortable. "That being said, it will be tough going elsewhere, and knowing you leave something that is so great. This is one of those situations where you're hoping the grass is greener. I definitely think this [Saints] offense is one I fit in well with, and I'm excited about being part of an offense that's been at the top in all of football for the last two years. But at the same time, I lose some good friends and people that I will miss and miss drastically."

Heath Evans Boston Globe

Saints the early winner in NFC South


From Pat Y, ESPN.COM After reading this, is anyone ready to toss that "cautious optimism" stuff out the window and run out to book our tickets for the Super Bowl? ....Didn't think so. I mean to say, aren't these upgrades different from the ones we made after the 2006 and 2007 seasons that didn't really pan out?

Mocking the Draft Reviews Saints Recent Draft History


Hey, guys and girls. Go check this one out @ our fellow SB Nation site. In this piece the writer tries to figure out what we're going to do based on analysis of Pay-Loo's draft history.

Malcolm Jenkins Scouting Report from


Just found this today. But are we still in the market for him now that we have Greer and may have Sensaboom or Sharper soon?

Q: Hey Jeff, what's going on with the two safeties, Sharper and Sensabaugh, that we had come visit...


Q: Hey Jeff, what's going on with the two safeties, Sharper and Sensabaugh, that we had come visit earlier this week? I haven't heard any news about them since they arrived. Have there been any contracts offers yet? Ben, Metairie. A: Congratulations, Ben. This is the most asked question in the mailbag. Inquiring minds definitely want to know who's going to fill the club's glaring void at free safety. The reason the Saints haven't reached an agreement with either safety so far is likely because of financial reasons. It's basic supply and demand as the market slows to a crawl and the dollars dry up. Right now, it's a buyers' market. The clubs are able to dictate terms while players and their agents must settle for deals well below their original asking prices. The Saints likely are waiting out negotiations in hopes of driving down the price. The players, meanwhile, are taking extra visits in hopes of increasing the demand. In the end, I expect the Saints to sign one of the two in the next few days, with Sharper being the likely candidate. The Bears appear to be out of the competition for his services, leaving the Saints and Falcons to battle for him. I haven't heard of any interest in Sensabaugh other than New Orleans. Not sure which player the Saints' prefer, but it sounds like they only plan to sign one of the two at this juncture. Can't see Sensabaugh or Sharper willing to sign with the Saints if the other one signs. Roman Harper would be the incumbent at strong safety.

From Jeff Duncan's 3/6/09 Saints Insider Mailbag @

The Saints got a good one in fullback Heath Evans but Mike Karney will be missed


Jeff Duncan's insightful take on the FB switch "Rest assured, Karney won't be on the street for long. The guy was a second-team All-Pro player two years ago. Any team needing to add a sledge hammer to their rushing attack is probably already on the phone with him. I wish him luck and so should Saints fans far and wide. He sacrificed his body on Sundays for the Black and Gold and will pay the price for that violence one day."

Meachem too dumb for Payton's system?

5 Mar. 5 - 11:59 am et Saints beat writer Jeff Duncan believes that Robert Meachem is "destined to be the biggest bust of the (Sean) Payton era." Harsh words, but Duncan cites Meachem's "mental mistakes" and a loss of trust from the coaching staff and teammates. Devery Henderson got a four year contract, so dynasty leaguers shouldn't expect anything from Meachem in the near future. Perhaps the Saints will put him on the trade block. Source: New Orleans Times-Picayune From Duncan's column: As far as Meachem is concerned, I think he's destined to be the biggest bust of the Payton era. He's buried on the depth chart behind Marques Colston, Lance Moore and Devery Henderson, and while blessed with physical talent, has lost the trust of the staff and teammates with his repeated mental mistakes. Recently at the combine, Payton made an interesting comment about rookie players and their ability to transition to the NFL. Reading between the lines, I think it might have been a veiled reference to Meachem. "It gets back to some of things we talked about earlier, trying to evaluate how this player is going to transition into our game," Payton said. "Is it going to be too big for him? Is he going to transition very quickly? Does he learn quick enough? Half the battle with all these young players next fall is, 'Do they know what to do, are they smart enough in their first year to know what to do?' And if not, then there's a good chance that the coach is not going to put him on the field."

There were no other free-agent developments for the Saints on Thursday. They have remained in...


There were no other free-agent developments for the Saints on Thursday. They have remained in contact with safeties Darren Sharper and Gerald Sensabaugh, but nothing appears imminent with either player.

This piece by Mike Triplett will run in Friday's Times-Pic, and although it focuses on Karney/Evans, this mention of Sharper and Sensaboom is interesting...

Darren Sharper is running low on options


From the Chicago Tribune "Darren Sharper said he has an interest in the Bears, but don't expect him to land in Chicago. According to sources, the Bears' interest in Sharper is not mutual. Look for Sharper to end up in either New Orleans or Atlanta." It looks like the Saints are the only team to really show an interest. Since the Bears are no longer interested, we may get him at a reduced price. Is he the best we can do?