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Armchair Quarterback: Saints vs 49ers

This may have been the most painful game since the No-Call.

Armchair Quarterback: Saints vs. Ravens

Why do you hate me when I show you nothing but love? -Scrubs

Armchair Quarterback: Saints vs Raiders

Are the Saints back? Not ready to say that yet, but this was a great start.

Saints sign Brett Hundley to practice squad

The former UCLA and Packers QB will add depth to the locker room.

Key Matchups: Saints vs Cardinals

Here’s things to watch as the Black and Gold take Kyler away from COD.

Armchair Quarterback: Saints vs. Bengals

Gotta love when you give a game away, right? Right?

Andrus Peat injured, expected to miss Cardinals game

The Saints might have to add another offensive lineman to the injury report.

Armchair Quarterback: Saints vs. Seahawks

The Saints needed a big win, and they got one. Let’s talk about it.

Key Matchups: Saints vs. Seahawks

Here are a few x-factor matchups to look out for on Sunday,

Armchair Quarterback: Saints vs Vikings

The Saints showed some promise on offense, but still couldn’t get the job done.

Armchair Quarterback: Saints vs. Panthers

Is it time to panic?

Armchair Quarterback: Saints vs Buccaneers

This one was rough all the way around.

Armchair Quarterback: Saints vs Falcons Week 1

Falcons gonna Falcon.

Week 12 Prediction: New Orleans Saints vs San Francisco 49ers

The Saints will go on the road to play the 2nd best team from the NFC a year ago.

Armchair Quarterback: New Orleans Saints vs Los Angeles Chargers

The Saints looked well put together in the preseason finale.

Week 11 Prediction: New Orleans Saints vs Los Angeles Rams

Can the Saints overcome the defending champs at home?

Armchair Quarterback: New Orleans Saints vs Green Bay Packers

The Saints fell in Green Bay over the weekend, but the Black and Gold showed some progress.

Week 10 Prediction: New Orleans Saints vs Pittsburgh Steelers

New Orleans will had to the Steel City for one of the tougher matchups of 2022.

Saints fall short in Green Bay in second preseason game

Saints keep it close, but can’t quite get past Jordan Love and the Packers

Armchair Quarterback: Saints vs Texans

Let’s take a look at the preseason opener last Saturday.

Week 9 Prediction: New Orleans Saints vs Baltimore Ravens

Saints welcome Baltimore into the Dome for a primetime Monday matchup.

Week 8 Prediction: New Orleans Saints vs Las Vegas Raiders

The Saints will line up against Derek Carr and Davante Adams in a midseason showdown.

Week 7 Prediction: New Orleans Saints vs Arizona Cardinals

The Saints head out west for a Thursday night showdown.

Week 6 Prediction: New Orleans Saints vs Cincinnati Bengals

How will the Saints be able to handle Joe Burrow and the Bengals offense in the Dome?

Week 5 Prediction: New Orleans Saints vs Seattle Seahawks

Saints return home to host Seattle, who seems out of sorts without Russell Wilson.

Five players that are overrated for the Saints in 2022

Here’s a look at some players that may be too involved in the hype around them.

Week 4 Prediction: New Orleans Saints vs Minnesota Vikings

The Saints travel Across the Pond to take on Kirk Cousins and the Vikings. The team breaks down the matchup.

Demario Davis gets new contract, extended through 2024

The restructured deal keeps the 3-time All-Pro in New Orleans for the next three years.

Five players that are underrated on the Saints’ Roster

Let’s take a look at some of the players that are undervalued in New Orleans.

Week 3 Prediction: New Orleans Saints vs Carolina Panthers

The final game in the set of divisional openers takes the Saints to the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Week 2 Prediction: New Orleans Saints vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

After a Week 1 battle with Atlanta, the Saints will turn their attention to Tampa Bay. Our team discusses the home opener.

Week 1 Prediction: New Orleans Saints @ Atlanta Falcons

The 2022 season kicks off with one of the biggest rivalries in the NFC: The Saints and the Falcons. The krewe breaks down their predictions.

Three players the Saints might not trust in 2022

Now that the bulk of the offseason craziness has subsided, here’s a look at a few players the Black and Gold might be weary of in 2022.

3 players the Saints have shown faith in post-draft

From linebacker to quarterback, here’s a look at a few positions the Black and Gold feel comfortable with.

Saints UDFAs: 3 most intriguing to watch

New Orleans signed 17 Undrafted Free Agents. Here’s a look at some of the most intriguing players signed to the Black and Gold.

2022 NFL Draft: New Orleans Saints Recap

The Black and Gold put together a very exciting draft class this weekend. Here’s a look at each of the players coming to the Big Easy.