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Thinking Ouside the Box: Should the Saints Shop Garrett Grayson

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The 3rd ranked QB in the 2015 draft fell to the 3rd round and the Saints pulled the trigger. With several QB needy teams and the sparse options in the 2016 draft pool, should the Saints consider shopping Garret Grayson?

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The New Orleans Saints drafted Garrett Grayson with the 75th pick, 3rd round, of the 2015 draft. They saw something they liked with the young QB and many have him placed as Drew Brees' heir apparent. But should the Saints consider a trade for Garrett. It appears they are set with a viable, experienced backup with the signing of Luke McCown to a 2 year deal. Reported to be for 3 mil, the $500,000 signing bonus is the only part truly guaranteed, so it is possible Grayson could win the backup job in camp, and Luke could be released. The Saints saw enough in the young QB to carry 3 on the roster last season rather than take the risk of losing him from the practice squad. A risk they were willing to take with Ryan Griffin at first.

An unnamed "NFL executive told USA Today in 2015 that Grayson might be better than both of the 2 top rated prospects in that draft: (Could that be Mickey?)

A veteran NFL personnel executive was breaking down the great Jameis Winston-Marcus Mariota" -debate when he offered an unsolicited nod to a quarterback who hasn't gotten nearly the same attention leading up to this week's draft: Colorado State's Garrett Grayson".

"I wouldn't be surprised if Grayson was better than all of them," said the executive, who spoke with USA TODAY Sports on condition of anonymity for competitive reasons.

Former Head coach and ESPN analyst Jon Gruden as well as NFL analyst Daniel Jeremiah (Link), had Grayson rated as the 3rd best QB prospect. So what does this have to do with a trade you may ask.

Several teams have strong needs at the QB position. Notably The Cleveland Browns, The New York Jets, and possibly the strongest QB needy team is the Denver Broncos. The Bronco currently have their 7th round pick, Trevor Siemian as the only QB on their roster. They are reported to have interest in Colin Kaepernick, Ryan Griffin III as well as possibly Ryan Fitzpatrick, but the former Colorado State QB, Grayson could be of interest to John Elway. Already well versed though untried, in the Saints proven offensive system, the defensive powerhouse Broncos could take a chance on the young QB. All they need is a good game manager with the ability to read opponent defenses right? The SB Champs draft way to late in the 1st round to have any hopes of drafting a starting QB in this years limited draft class. Could a deal be struck. Who knows but it would probably be a good decision to send out those feelers in any case. The Browns have waived Johnny Manziel and the Jets and Ryan Fitzpatrick have differing opinions on value.

So what do you think. Should the Saints shop Garrett Grayson? We all know the time is coming when Drew's replacement will have to take the reins, but can we pass up extra draft pick/picks if the opportunity is there? I think the options should at least be explored. What do you think?


Still doesn't bar Broncos possible interest. Mark Sanchez contract details has only 1 mil guaranteed. As John himself indicates: