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Larry Warford and Nick Fairley Saints Contract Details

Now I can figure their Cap hits for 2017.

Green Bay Packers v Detroit Lions Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

8.4 mil signing bonus and yearly salary numbers give us a cap hit for the Saints in 2017. Roster, and workout bonus make the cap numbers for the rest of the contract “flexible”.

Signing bonus is 2.1 mil per year. Add that to 1.7 mil for 2017 and Larry Warford’s cap hit is 3.8 mil. $3,800,000. He’s guaranteed 17 mil so basically no dead money other than the 2.1 mil per signing bonus, after year 3.

Nick Fairley has a lot of roster and performance bonuses involved.

8 mil signing bonus and yearly salary numbers gives a 2017 cap number for Fairley as well. Fairley’s contract is loaded with signing, roster, workout, and incentive's. He can earn an additional 2 mil for sacks alone over the 4 years. There are also per game, on the 46 man roster bonuses, the last 2 years.

8 mil is 2 mil per year plus 1 mil for 2017 equals 3 mil. $3,000,000

Also, he has to be on the roster day 3 of 2018 for his base of 4.25 mil to become guaranteed. So even the 14 mil guarantee is flexible.

Nick Underhill has even more detailed info on the contracts.