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Want to start your own topic? Read something interesting? See a funny clip on YouTube? Wanna share a good link?

One of the great things about SB Nation is the ability for you, the reader, to actively participate in this blog by posting a diary (I know, the name is weird). Diary is just a fancy term for message thread or a mini-blog. Write one, and it gets posted for all to see in the sidebar. Anyone can then comment on just what you wrote in your diary, just like a thread. It's your chance to start a topic or get your questions answered and it will stay on the sidebar, even as posts continue to get updated daily. I will often reference quality diaries in the main blog. Don't wait for me to start a topic you want to discuss! The more participation from everyone, the better this blog! So let's see what you got!

Here are the official SB Nation rules (learn 'em, love 'em, live 'em):

The Rules

1. Diary entries need to be more than one line. In fact, they should be more than one paragraph.

2. Diary entries need to deal with something of substance.

3. Follow the community guidelines and treat everyone with respect.

Other than that, knock yourself out. These are supposed to be fun.