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Saints Offseason Water Cooler

3 players the Saints have shown faith in post-draft

From linebacker to quarterback, here’s a look at a few positions the Black and Gold feel comfortable with.

Best Draft Pick Ever for Saints Picks in the ‘22 Draft

We take a look at the best player ever taken at each of New Orleans’ selections in the 2022 NFL Draft

What the Andy Dalton signing means for Taysom Hill and Ian Book

Now that the Saints have shored up their backup quarterback situation, what does it have in store for the other guys in the room?

Draft prospects to watch after departure of Terron Armstead

The Saints are going to need some help up front. Here are 5 players declaring for the draft that the Black & Gold should consider.

5 free agency targets the Saints need to go after

Every year, teams dip into the free agent market to fill holes left by players leaving, gaps in the teams and more. Where should the Black and Gold look?

Saints Can Contend for Super Bowl LII

History says the Saints aren’t that far from contending again. Oh and reaching Super Bowl LII is far from being a pipe dream.

Would 8-8 Be Acceptable for the Saints in 2016?

Am I a bad fan if I think an 8-8 record for the Saints in 2016 would be acceptable? Or am I just a realist who thinks that this team just isn’t very good? Let’s talk about it.

NFC South Roundtable: Are Saints Still Scary?

After a cameo appearance in the postseason in 2013, the Saints have gone 7-9 in consecutive seasons. Not dreadful, yet woefully mediocre. It would seem that the team that used to be a bully in the NFC South just a few years ago doesn’t really strike fear in the hearts of its opponents anymore.

NFC South Roundtable: Can the Wounded Birds Fly?

The Atlanta Falcon’s 8-8 record last season was their best in three years (4-12 in 2013, 6-10 in 2014). But as we all know, every new NFL year brings new hopes for all fanbases and in “Rise Up” land, they think they might just get back contending for the NFC South title in 2016. The question is: what will it take for that to happen?

NFC South Roundtable: Are the Bucs Contenders?

The last time Tampa Bay had a winning record in an NFL regular season was in 2010, when they finished 10-6. Since then, the Bucs have gone 23-57 in five seasons. Things could improve in 2016 with quarterback Jameis Winston at the helm. But will they?

NFC South Roundtable: Who Can Beat the Panthers?

The Carolina Panthers are the three-time defending champions of the NFC South, but every new season brings its own twists and turns. Can anyone of the Saints, Falcons or Bucs challenge the mighty kitties for the division crown in 2016?

Sean Payton the 5th-Best Coach in the NFL? Really?

USA Today recently ranked all 32 National Football League head coaches and to my surprise, Sean Payton was fifth on their list. What am I missing?

Drew Brees an Unrestricted Free Agent in 2017?

In the Drew Brees Contract Saga Part Deux, here's another scenario, one not many NFL observers even thought possible: what if the Saints decided that they actually could afford to let Brees play out his current contract?

Saints Should Take a Hard Look at Laquon Treadwell

The Saints could take their offense from good to great by drafting wide receiver Laquon Treadwell with the 12th pick. However, with a truly terrible defense in 2015, that would be an unpopular move. Here's why I think it might still be the right move

Saints Have Great Chance at Winning the NFC South

The 2015 Carolina Panthers were dominant. The 2014 version? Not so much. The same goes for the 2009 Saints who won the Super Bowl, but were just 8-8 in 2008. That New Orleans team that just went 7-9 could turn it around in a heartbeat in 2016.

Is Saints' Keenan Lewis Still Worth his Price Tag?

Keenan Lewis used to be considered the Saints' top cornerback. After last season, I'm not so sure that it is the case anymore. Yet, Lewis is still being paid like a number one cornerback. Should the Saints keep Lewis at his current price tag?